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Living on i'm really is warmonger obama was the warmonger borsch was the warmonger clinton was the warmonger trump is the one who's actually giving us peace he hasn't wage one war and you call up this show and say he's a madman in impulsive are you kidding me hello yes what you say to that sir i see in the needy it easy so i use it every day move is you cannot be an example except call names these are mad them easy rational i read the paper i read the boston globe and i think i am smart no you're not six one seven two six six sixty eight sixty eight okay we have a correspondent in pyongyang yang we've got one inside the capital of north korea and he's actually got a meeting right now with a little rocket man and i think we found out the reason why kim jongun wants to meet with trump what is britney can we go to him we're going straight the pyongyang no he so well marie so wrongly ran sad real world gave no one jasni marine savaging on my rare tall maybe it's the weekend and we always know something exciting happens over the weekend predicting that on saturday visit down will be off and then on sunday we'll be back on it in the meantime will have a bunch of tweets ripping and then praising this lauper is going to go on with your minds right well what happens to the president skip the head and then he had and this is an hour pleading a does he get crabby show start monday morning six am killing the weekday mornings sixty tad on the voice of boston w rko our iheartradio musical harsh for the laws of music scene the.

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