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And no one is playing little ball anymore. And, you know, I contend that the teams that play small ball Are going to have the winning record. Um, your way. I think we have the pitching. But we we counted so much on the home runs. Yeah, but you know what else to mark? Baseball hasn't changed. It hasn't changed in 100 years. You get runners on and you get him over. Now there. Is this an enamored, You know, everybody's enamored with exit velocity and home runs and all that, and The three true outcomes and I get that, But I do believe that if you play the game fundamentally the way it's supposed to be played, you're going to not just win games. You're gonna win championships, but the red, the red cannot manufacture runs so they have not. They could, but they have not. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Dead on Mark Dead aren't thank you for the phone call coming up on eight o'clock time for the news after that. Little college football talk Little Red's talk, little Bangles. Talk How we're just gonna talk, Talk, talk, Talk 700 wlw. News, traffic and Weather news radio 700 WLW Cincinnati A shooting at a mall and the gunman still on the loose. This is the eight o'clock report. I'm Matt Reese. Breaking now. In the Milwaukee area tonight. Police are continuing their search for the suspect who opened fire at a mall in wall with Tosa, the police chief there bury, Weber says They responded to Mayfair Mall around three o'clock this afternoon. The shooter Had already left the scene. The police officers and what which was the fire Department personnel responded. Emergency personnel arrived. The shooter is no longer at the scene. Police are still working to identify the gunman whom witnesses described as a white man in his twenties. Or thirties, and they say the victim's a total of eight.

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