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Welcome back america the olympics are opening up the up what pick up link kira monian beyond churn a short career is underway i love my favorite story is already well i am shocked by this norway has sent one hundred nine athletes to the olympics i mean the norwegians love this i'm consoled norway the norwegians love this um this is their big deal every four year people pay attention and norwegian athletes meemaw is the last time you paid attention to a norwegian athlete but this is their big deal uh they're very good at the biathlon way after ski and shoot that kind of thing it's what you do alson norway accepts ski and shoot show they sent one hundred nine athletes and they're gonna be there for yep seventeen eighteen days can so the olympic shafts they have a norwegian olympic chef the names got to be olaf right he needed order 1500 eggs and he tried to do it on his own what do you think dwayne what could go wrong when a norwegian ship tries to order 1500 eggs in korea it sounds like a sounds like a sesame street showed isn't it it does well the swedish sappers the norwegian chef got fifteen thousand eggs delivered to the alert hey member associate the big omelette member the social impacts nothing worked everything's gonna working career because it's career uh but it i guess way past a snowball fight now are we really are but they're having quite a glorious olympic opening ceremony the tiger is the the mascot so you'll love watching.

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