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That night so the expressions on their faces are clearer in my mind and i remember i was typing the same word over and over in different than the word was lonely these people that had this community now they were stuck in apartments in a housing project in coop city living with their kids in the suburbs because they couldn't really afford apartments in new york then part of the story of power is the story of what happened to these people i have to tell it it was a heart in the book was already way too long you know nobody was going to publish it but i felt i had to i had to do that so at the time i was finding these people was the time moses was giving me interview he stopped when i started asking questions the mtv's rover forever so i remember i this is the weeks when i'm cheering these terrible people whose whole lives have been taken away from them you know and then i would drive down to moses is house speech and i brought up something like a lot of opposition up there oh no so i said well there was east tremont maybe they just stirred up the animals up there so i said well how did you defeat him he says i just stood path that's all i would get so angry at him you know you're not supposed to do that and disrupts your flow of questioning sometimes those days really i would really be angry at this man that's robert caro author of the powerbroker and the years of lyndon johnson he spoke.

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