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The way one tidbit of information from the nuggets wilson chandler traded from the nuggets to the philadelphia seventy sixers i think it's a deal that will benefit both wilson chandler fan i know he's had some injury problems for certain nuggets move chandler and in exchange they future second round pick chandler his contract expiring close to thirteen million dollars do will be absorbed into the sixers available cap space of course the gates have been trying to unload some salary for for quite some time this deal evidently will save denver fifty million dollars in combined salary luxury tax and the nuggets tax bill now drops from fifty one point three million to fourteen point three million so that certainly is good chandler came he's been here for almost twenty years while you came in the deal that sent carmelo to the knicks been wilson chandler fan i thought he had a really he hit a good game you know maybe not as consistent as you like and he had a hard time staying healthy but i i think wilson chandler honestly will be a good pickup for the philadelphia seventy six he's always been good for the for for for the nuggets who else came with nari came out didn't that's right gallinari came with them who is now with the clippers mazda alan he's he just went somewhere he's back in brooklyn back netzer no he got traded for dwight howard to charlotte and raymond felton i think was the fourth piece and a draft pick listen i mean for i mean a bad deal that carmelo sort of engineer that trade for what they got in an that were deputy well for george carlin you might not have any great players but you got a couple of really good players and then you got a couple of functional players rid of somebody that was becoming a head case his game i'll tell you what right how about i mean not the turn this into a sports talk nuggets all the time carmelo signing i mean nineteen million dollar deal i think it was to stay in oklahoma city and i watched oklahoma city a lot last year for some reason certainly when they played the nuggets and it even more carmelo's game has has significantly subsided significantly slowed down it was his lowest i believe the the worst numbers of his career in terms of scoring shooting percentage and a couple of other key stats is.

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