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Time is twelve oh five governor elect Gretchen Whitmer will be traveling to Washington this week to meet up with the president is radio nine fifty Sandra McNeill reports Moore will be part of bipartisan group of governors elect meeting with Mr. Trump at the White House among the issues on which he's hoping to find common ground better will trade policies access to affordable healthcare, protecting the Great Lakes and improvements to infrastructure Oakland, university political science professor Dave Dooley out says that last one is probably her biggest hope there are funds. There are some monies that that can be moved around. Within the department of transportation budget that the that the White House can can impact. But if we're talking about a big infrastructure package. It's gotta go through congress. Many says roads are something that President Trump and congressional Democrats have a chance to agree on Sandra McNeill, w w j NewsRadio nine fifty police now investigating a reported smash and grab at the Somerset collection. The incident happened at Tiffany and company investigators say that a handful of jewelry was stolen if you have information about this crime, contact the police immediately. Wake County prosecutor's office charging forty six year old Albert weathers of Sterling Heights with the murder of thirty six year old Kelly sto Stoa transgender woman was found dead by police in the area of east mcnichols and brush streets on December seventh police investigation led to prosecutors raining weather's yesterday. He's now charged with open murder and use of a firearm in the commission of a felony is bond was set at one million dollars cash. Probable cause conference now set for December twentieth. A six week old baby is in critical condition and her father is in custody. The baby was not breathing turning blue and firefighters arrived at the home at Oxford township on Friday. Detectives interviewed the father at the hospital in late in say that he later admitted to shaking the baby the twenty five year old man now charged with first degree child abuse and could face up to life in prison. Authorities have confirmed the identity of the two year old boy who died in a house fire Detroit the cause and manner of Kamari Livingston's death have not been confirmed determined. It was the only person not to survive the fire early Friday near the city's border with Hamtramck for other children were rescued from the home in two adults.

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