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They weren't playing for the money, right? I mean, that That was certainly a thing with many I want was lucky enough. This is probably the most amazing day I've ever been able to spend in my professional career. Was lucky to produce a panel. This was in Cincinnati in 2015 for the Major League Baseball All Star game. We did a panel for MLB network and it was really nice. Henry Aaron, Sandy Koufax and Johnny Bench in a room just the four of them and Bob Costas narrated a conversation with them and You know, the conversation was free flowing and absolutely incredible. I think I was. I was one of you know, six other people in the room to witness that conversation, which was absolutely as a baseball geek, one of the coolest things you could ever imagine in your life. But the conversation often turned to the fact that they had to Find other ways to make money later in life, which is why autographs was such an issue to this day for someone like Sandy Koufax, right? It wasn't about the money like it is today, and these guys would all have hundreds of millions of dollars in today's times. You did also spend some time with Hank Aaron himself in making the movie And when I see him interviewed over the years and heard him speak the word that Comes to mind for me from the outside looking in. It is dignified. He just seemed a man who carried himself with a lot of dignity. But what was your personal experience with with Hank Aaron? You know one on one. Henry. Did you find the perfect work? On guy. I would be remiss if I didn't mention his wife, Billy Aaron, as well and by the way condolences T o You know, everybody in that family, but especially the Billy I mean. I Billy Wasson. The enemy of class. We were a production crew in the home of a legend. That is not always the most well received thing in the world and Billy put out a place for us. You know, Here's some chicken, right, guys? I mean, Billy was absolutely lovely and dignified and an incredible host. And you know, Henry, let us then. Six hours in his home in a personal home. Um, it was It was really just an amazing day. And you know, every interaction that I had, In fact, I think really Good way to look at it. We had on our crew. Our main VP for that film was a gentleman named out on to who you might know, Robin and hey was the only of our crew the only DP who is African American. And after the film wrap Henry and set him a personal note. He autographed picture and said, You know, to Alex on you from Henry Aaron, you know, thanks for making this film and really just think that gesture alone, not asked for unprompted sort of epitomizes the class and dignity that someone like Mr Aaron has It was obviously a story worth telling. Then, now and forever as Henry. Hank Aaron, Um, legend died yesterday at the age of 86. Josh really appreciate you coming on and helping to, you know, I think illuminated to some people who obviously didn't see him in real time. Just what he went through how good he was and what You know his life and legacy in the game will meet. My pleasure, Robin, I hopefully we get to talk and maybe get together at one point in better time coming down the road. Robin, it's It's so great. It's been an honor to be on your show. I wish you nothing but the best buddy..

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