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Seven four three nine eight eight three zero that's eight seven seven four three nine eight eight three zero eight seven seven four three nine eight eight three zero accu quote Colin today it's how you considered by state federal health officials calling off a planned it would have transferred quarantine coronavirus patients to Alabama the plan canceled yesterday after residents and local officials in Calhoun County were raising concerns about the idea the feds were planning to transfer the patients from the diamond princess cruise ship that's been docked off the coast of Japan to a FEMA facility in Anniston the city council they're voting to pursue legal action over the proposal and hours after it announced that to do so federal and state officials announced a change in plans a California man is lucky to be alive after driving his jeep off a six story parking garage it landed on the roof of a McDonald's next door Santa Monica police say the twenty year old driver did suffer serious injuries but is expected to survive two passengers jumped out of the vehicle before it went flying off the parking garage and this is U. S. A. radio news friends and family did you have a great night's sleep last night I did I'm healthier than I've ever been I've worked better than I ever have and you know what you can have that health you can have that good night's sleep if you order a my pillow try it Mike Lindell guarantees it he's got a sixty day money back guarantee.

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