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Let me ponder that. For a little. I wasn't asking our audience. I was asking you. They may be answering in their cards. But we can't hear them. Should be a great competitive close game. And for all the people saying, I'm tired of Clemson and Alabama. Somebody do something about it. Then for the college football playoff. I'm with you. I think based on. Even the outcome of the Alabama, Oklahoma games. The thing that Clinton brings to the table is. Everything that Oklahoma did offensively. But they present a defense. They can hold serve as well. So I give clumps at a slight advantage in that game. Really? Absolutely. Give a fever you. Okay. Alabama on the lose. Now. They did lose one. That's in one of those games. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. And they could have easily lost the other one to two Shawn Watson clumsy group is. Well, but I think it's going to be a tremendous game. All the. Gnashing of teeth. Yup. In terms of how the playoff should work in the end. It's about getting the best two teams in the championship game. And I think we're right there. Seems like that's the case by the way in this game fourteen to ten UCF with the lead one twenty seven to go first quarter possession LSU eleven fifty one UCF's had the ball for one forty two twenty five to six planes run. And somehow the nights from Orlando have a fourteen to ten lead in this first quarter in an upside down world that time of possession is somewhat. Exactly like UCF likes it. That's right. That's how they play the game. It's it's much different than this game used to be played just a few years ago. It's about volume of plays. And getting your best speed out in space and UCF is done that go work out of the top twenty five snapping a hand off on the jet sweep to the receiver Marlin Williams returns it up peel patch the thirty he's down near the sideline at the thirty one LSU sideline. Six for Williams. I think the punch in the mouth that UCF is given LSU early in this game. It's chippy, and it actually may wake you LSU up a little. Snapped second out and four MAC, I hand off McGowan speed freezes through a little bit of a whole gets the thirty five yard line. It is a gain of four and a first down del Pitt. Finally with a stop grant in a beleaguered secondary Parrella. Kelvin Joseph didn't make the trip suspended Christian Fulton injured and a flag comes in at the thirty yard line. Full sort offense. There was no Tom with all eleven players were set projects by or sell there's movement, and there's that. Yeah. In Moreland Williams, I think was the chief offender you have to be everyone has to be stationary. Today's can't be moving. At least one case before the ball snapped Dryden back to the Kirti yard line. Mac lay action. Fires farside Columbia, the tight end falls at the twenty nine and he had back loses a yard if he somersaults on his Glendale turf MAC Pruitt behind him at seconded sixteen. In a game that appears to be about responses UCF is going to have to prove that they can respond while in. This isn't obviously off to a good start here on this drive it second and sixteen and LSU's going to become the prey the tailback play action for MAC he launched his down the sideline has a man across the forty yard line. Gabriel Davis makes the grab flags come in late. In fact, there are three of them as Davis goes down inside the forty yard line. Terence? Alexander was on the coverage. It was man to man outside on the go route with Davis and just as a quarterback ferrets number eleven defense fifty yard pedal at an automatic her style the ball came out late. Yeah. So he did not hang onto it going to the ground. So they're gonna have to take the penalty. Alexander did knocked the ball away at the last moment. But you see up gets the first down. Anyway, Geremek diagnosed where the one on one match up was just didn't get the ball out there. But there was reason for that Devon white was fixing to hit their MAC right under the chinstrap that's player on his defense. Ten seconds to go. First quarter. Mac fakes the hand off then gets threat by right down to the ground at the forty nine at LSU. It's on top of it that was seven wider knocked away his seat made on the plane Michael divinity recovers but a flag is down at the LSU. Forty five with three seconds to go in border, number one and UCLA up fourteen to tap. This actually might be on Taranto Alexander the defensive back that would I think was trying to. Get a little aggressive pushing a UCF player as at play was playing out actually a little bit after that play was blown debt. If it's after the change of possession LSU will. Over personal foul number eleven LSU throwing a point. He is disqualified all my good yard penalty. I doubt LSU recovery of the fumble for Kevin toddlers playing in the NFL, they have nobody left defensive background. I mean, look Alexander's out. Now Joseph didn't make the trip. This is as thin as you're gonna get secondary. I and Fulton is out too, greedy Williams is prepared for the NFL. And the officials are exactly right. We're seeing a replay. We're telling you about it. Terence Alexander actually landed. The right punch to the face masks, which doesn't make any sense, by the way, just in control his motion. Very well. Obviously. Davis. Good for Gabriel Davis. He just stood there and pointed I mean by compu- box Alexander leads, but he's going to leave the game. And that's all for him. So Dave Aranda is even shorter staffed defensively. Three seconds to go per quarter while at the thirty seven and LSU territory Edberg Z. Larry's the tailback sidecar lap with borough borough too tight ends frontside snap to burrow. He fakes the hand off Edward G layer comes into the line and doesn't get much gain of a yard. And that will do it for an entertaining high octane first-quarter from blend Dale UCF the undefeated nights, fourteen LSU ten this is the PlayStation fiesta bowl on ESPN radio and the ESPN app. NPR's six.

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