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The either one money or they don't want to coach. Yes that's why that's why do that and there was they will never going money. Right could earn more money by going and working away from football could work. Could we coach and manager and on it. Now the problem could the money you. You've got to be boost of decisions and ensure that but like the bobby charlton's a ruthless got were i. I mean day it would form the bullying does not knocking that. Because that's how life work was yet you know told now charlton like jack bobby was quite spoken. Man jack dominion so a couple of year. Yeah we are seeing it you know and he would also like you in my day and days before that you know where people you teammates. I've seen teammates get clouds for money. You get a lot of the budget back. i've seen. I've seen some gerald side walls. You don't mean these things. What makes them fail. This should never go down and the work place for settlers. I say back no mistake. The problem in our games. Only there's only a few and far between two can win. Titles you know and it primarily even that is only two or three can win it absolutely talking to the national smoking times You could have taught toppling if in time takeout with it. The what could win this moment in time is chelsea liverpool but about about season this year and Much acidic chelsea besides stable wrote about. They would big false. I think the divide the year out of orcas beside his thoughts jealousy would with it and livable would be the all chelsea would be the one to liverpool under pressure to be audited. Look good team result. Don't want to do well. We'll the make trouble joining coach. Do well this guy. Thomas lost to as med chelsea different. Opposition altogether yes not to be say giants the question terrific football absolutely implying real madrid tonight in the first leg of the champions league takes a well i if chelsea if chelsea get through.

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