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Around bravo. And this is the sport. Podcast race say at the belgian chrome pre but in an incredibly strange china events. We didn't really get much of a race atoll whatsoever. Pacific throughout the day and race control announced shortly before the pond race saw at three o'clock local time the formation not to be completed behind the safety. I'm pushed the style of these formation laps to three twenty five. The field completed. Two full formation ops but with most of the drivers reporting visibility and a lack of grip the racers red flight at three fifty. An old drivers returned to the pit lane. A lengthy delay followed but with the rain showing no sign of stopping and the time. Ticking down from the start of the three hour window. Three the chances of running a race to award full points greece slim with one hour remaining on the clock at five o'clock the shoes temporarily stopped the race. Freezing the clock to try and wait for a break in the weather. The rain slightly so the coach could return to the track behind the safety car. Six seventeen passing green exit and competed to full laps to ensure the race was official and a classification could be issued during the thaad lap behind the safety car. Race control red flag. The race again prompting the drivers to retire the lane before it was officially declared the final result at six forty four it means the stopping officially wins the voucher grand prix for red bull scoring twelve point. Five points for the victory while george. Russell scored his fast f. One podium in second place to williams scoring nine points. The stop inside to rival lewis. Hamilton completed the podium. That place picking up seven point five points on. That is the rundown of a very very strange race today. I'm joined by jess mcfadden directive of district strategy for Net watt leaks. Mattis was f. One reporter has been a long long day. How are you very think that race is aged me about ten years and nothing even happened. It was just so intense just trying to pick a paw exactly what we do in such a strange scenario restore that's day so it's been a lot of rulebook analysis interpretation and listening to various radio messages but it was just good to say well was it say i'm not sure. The team seemed to be just as confused us. So i'm gonna take that as a k. That we that we had to take some time to work out what was going on this day because it was yeah. It was a definite a race. I am not going to forget in a hurry. And i don't think f wolf again. Hurry either yeah. I agree late. How failing yeah it's been. It's been a pretty hectic. I think we've all tried to assess understand what exactly it's been going on. And what rules. Apply what rules don't apply and if we results if we don't have results if there are on point some whatever and it's been it's been a very tricky one and i think that ultimately one can never it can never plan for crisis scenarios like this to an obsolete take like we could never have predicted fully. This is exactly what was going to happen. We've got to be balanced. And obviously i think a lot of fans. I'm sure we're getting two very upset that they didn't really get race today. Yeah very difficult. I formula one. I think and i think it can learn from I feel. I feel pretty pretty spent honest to be. Yeah beer i shall. I'm not even gonna lie beer as we speak trying. While does after the day that you would have had to try to keep track of orders the craziness that was unfolding now. Usually we kickoff wave race writings but it doesn't really seem right given the nothing really happened today. So you just to recap the results for any lessons may have. That may not have saved watching till the very end. Maximum stopping classified fast followed by george roster analyst hamilton. Meaning that lewis says head in the championship by just three points. Daniel recalled it was classified place ahead of sebastian veteran. Faith housley say i'm esteban. Oklahoma seventh show decline is recorded as finishing eight. For ferrari two bases clear of teammate. Colossians whilst nicholas feet took nine giving williams back to back double point finishes outside of the top ten. We had financial on eleventh ahead of altro batas and tiny nazi lander norris classified as fourteenth having received a five place grid penalty due to a gearbox changed following his accident yesterday. Yuki snyder was fifteen with the houses of mixture mecca. Anneke muslim behind followed by me. Reichen ama- says your peres off. The he crashed out on the way to the grid but rebel. Why able to use the delays to repair his call so he was able to race. Non stroll was classified as lost after receiving a ten second penalty for wing change which dumped him down from eighteen to that loss position. I think that is correct. But we have had some confusion even since the end of the rice about the caucasians which we will get into. But let's just try to walk through this as best we can. Let's start with some of the fast confusion that we had with today's race about whether the race had actually started or not because we had on the radio. I can't believe i'm saying this. We had the radio and the teams you has. This race started or not. What lapa lapa we're going to be. We reduced what was going on. That jess i mean. I know that you equally confused. I saw you tweeting about it. Own when the teams don't even know where we are weird situation right. The would unprecedented got bandied about Quite a lot today. But i guess is i think if anything. This is the definition of unprecedented. The the way that that we had to kind of address this race was was bizarre beyond belief as we keep saying but i think so the the confusion came in. How many formation lapsed we done and whether that counted towards the start or not and we also have to take into account the fact that we have this time period in which we have to complete a formula one grand prix and that everybody rather confused. Because i mean even the f. One timing screens were confused because at one point the clock haven't started and then it had started on. That's the three hour window in which you have to complete complete grump raid in order for its count Or at least in order to to decide how many points we're going to be awarding was full grand prix as well as the lap counter. Which we're going to get onto later on as well so a bunch of stuff happening and and essentially people couldn't decide initially whether because we did an additional formation because of how bad the weather woes whether or not counted as one of the rice. We also had on top of that just to make things extra complicated every time that michael massey cold for a delay to the race star it removed a lap from the title laps complete needed to be completed for the race so there was a bunch of stuff going on the delays that were removing laps from the title. Counselor that was the countdown clock that had started but what we essentially manage to find out about two hours into the race. Was it the race. Technically hadn't started until the safety cau- left the pit lane with the drivers entire at the stock. Which just to add further confusion was also colder resumption because they said right the race will be resumed not started so l. Just got very very confusing. Because we i guess just never really saw an initial getaway that we would say. That's the start of a grand prix. So that's that's basically. I have no idea if i've explained that any any well but essentially why we got confused. The teams were confused. The pundits were confused. We were confused. Mean the the to and froze going on our to'real chat trying to decide if the race had started on all was just. It just goes to show that. Actually i think one of the main takeaways today i think is really important is how important is have really clear direction and clear communication not just to the teams but also to the media in times of what is going on because i mean local. No better than than i will. But i just felt like that was Direction and there was no communication and it was lucky enough for at least on our side that we had the faa radio still going between colosseum the teams so that we could at least a kanai. There are still questions about whether or not this race has begun or how long we've got left to do how lax play because it just seemed like no one knew which is you can give element of forgiveness. I guess when it will strange. But yeah i mean the amount of red flags we thought the season is is is crazy So yeah i think it's just a just goes to show that in times of crisis like this..

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