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Condolences to mariners fans who didn't need more bad news they were already long shots mean they've had a good record thus fire but of played pretty much like a five hundred team and kinda needed everything to go right to hang in the races and i know they're barely out of both races right now but losing canot makes it difficult for them to stay in this is still possible but it was unlikely before it's more unlikely now and if they did somehow manage to make the playoffs connote would not be able to play so not that the mariners needed any more bad news or things going against them after the decades long streak of not making the playoffs but they have one more thing stacked against them sorry mariner spins gordon becca metaphor twelve obt and aaa so maybe this is the year thirty one years old respect us to bring them all in sure all right let's move on his brett lawrie still in baseball bull we could talk i've wondered about that actually yeah okay so i have something that's kind of exciting it's also got a bad side to it but i think it's exciting i think you'll be excited maybe thought about this maybe you haven't jayson castro has undergone niece urge that's bad that's bad for jason castro's bet to the twins supposed to be afforded sixweek procedure but this morning it is a season ender he hadn't been meniscus damage jason castro's gone so the twins starting catcher now will be mitch garber twins back now we'll be bobby wilson hanging out and aaa williams s to do and yes there now as i presume the third string catcher with the twins the only guy standing in his way for majorly job bobby wilson.

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