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We have a lot to talk about tonight information about our jersey giveaway information about as information about Benny Snell junior. We're going to take your questions, that's a lot of stuff to get through. And then obviously, we have the either or at the end of the show, the first introduced my co hosts for the evening as always the dynamic duo. Brian, Anthony Davis is here. Brian, how's it going? Whole lot doing very well my friends. Very good. Dave. How are you? I'm I'm so excited. Jeff I can't I can't be myself anymore. I have to do it. Spoiler. The Steelers won Super Bowl. Nine sixteen to six over the Minnesota Vikings. Franko Harris was the MVP. I don't want to be give any other spoilers. I'm gonna stop it Super Bowl mine. I tried to get the forty five years, but I couldn't quite do it. All right. So let's give right to things in that is we want to talk about this giveaway and I pumped this up on my show, which actually was Tuesday Night Live on YouTube, but rand today Wednesday today's Thursday. I'm all messed up because this schedules. I did my show Tuesday published today on Thursday. That's correct. But I talked about the giveaway. We're giving away a free juju. Smith Schuster jersey, we've been talking about this last two weeks tonight is the night, the Dave is going to give you all the information you to know including the hashtag, so pay attention, get out your penny. Pencils? Write it down in that way. You can enter to win this free. Jersey Dave, go ahead. Takeaway, tell them about the giveaway. All right. Just to give a quick recap of what we talked about last week. It is a free Nike replica juju. Smith Schuster jersey. It is the nice kind. It is. It's, it's not the, like Jeff mentioned in his show..

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