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They can explain it few in lovely partitions the way that I like all things explained Ryan shock. So going from latent homosexual overtones to blatant homosexual overtones. I putting over a mazing queer ass wrestler name. I believe it's f. e. e. f. f. y. and I believe you can find their Twitter on k. I l. l. e. f. f. y. they have put together. One of first of all, they're an amazing wrestler, they're super cool. There's two per queer. They're super out and. They put out just the best promo for themselves looks amazing, and it's super super funny, and we have a clip of that. There's a lot of buzzwords going around when it comes to happy patched. Feminist icon, corporate sponsored, superstar weapon of SAS destruction, nickname God. Epi, they mean money, and that's what we're all here for. Don't let that scare you off. You may be worried that he's gonna come at a high cost, but his corporate sponsor background and the fact that he sells Hella merge, make sure that you get the experience for an affordable price. Lost. Dammit weapon of SAS instructions really good. Good. Yeah. You gotta check out the Twitter feed because the video, there's a bunch of different heads of him in the background who were saying some of the different stuff that you hear in the background. That sounds like noise it's like different his, I believe he, he, he heads. It's just so funny, and it's such a great way to be like yo book me like, I'm a value add. Everyone should check out more of his work, be gay every day..

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