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So what will make its trades? Okay we'll go to domino and then to Mike K for both Howie. 'n Andy of another major focus supposed people is on the first and second rounds of this draft but you guys have four of your a picks in a forty forty three pick span there right now between one. Oh three and one forty. Six in the third. And fourth rounds. However you approach stats strategically Is it a good place to have multiple picks this year and and and at what positions Andy? Those regret we. We have picks in in those eight. Pixar aid opportunities. We look at We're excited third. Round Fourth Round second round fifth round. We feel there's players on every level the draft in we stack the board such so. We're excited Each pick in each opportunity that we're going to have Mike and then we'll go to a firm. Howie given the insurgents regarding next year's football season draft class. How will you way? Next year's draft picks central trades and potential deals down the road no different than a draft. You know we always valued the present and future. That's our responsibility to make sure that we're competing. Not only this year but going forward especially in we talk about quarterback was twenty seven years old so I think it all depends on the opportunity all ends on the value saw a couple years ago picking thirty two and we will drop down and get a future around so we'll weigh all those opportunities as they come for us. We'll go zach unless.

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