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Couple of knowledge and technology and stuff Now I did. I tweeted out the video. So if you're someone who's never seen it, take a look. Because the video is even better. You get Bud Selig looking like he has absolutely no idea what's going on. He's looking around. He's got his. He's got his hands up to his chin, trying to figure out what is this guy talking about? He's looking off camera for some direction. And this poor guy. He's he's kind of huffing and puffing and clearly nervous. He's got no cards, and when he goes when he when he goes to give him the keys, he wasn't holding them say he's like reaching into his pocket like he's going for some Gummer, his wallet or something. So this is the hole, the visual of the four of them on stage, and Bumgarner's looking at him like he's crazy. Just give me the damn keys. I want to drink a beer and get the hell out of here. And you know what? I always think about situations like that. You know, there were three or four people that were right there. That worked for Chevy that said, Rick, That was awesome. You did a great job. Really? Don't worry about me. I mean, maybe you're a little nervous, but it was fun. I think I screwed it up. No, you didn't screw up. Awesome. That text messages. Rick. You're the man. You nailed it in the rest of the content. It was trembling. Right. What a blubbering. It's a tough spot. It's a tough spot for sure. Even when they get like the CEO is there sometimes they don't exactly come across his great either. People aren't used to being on live television, so But I always remember that one for some reason, probably cause I was just watching it live and just just stuck in my head all these years, and for whatever reason, I will never forget his name on. I just looked him up. By the way. He's on Twitter. So I don't know what he's up to these many followers as you have, You know, I didn't check on that. I just I was honestly looking to make sure I had the was his name again. This Rick will d. I was making sure I had the spelling of his name. W I. L d yes, But the first name is R I k k, which is an interesting gags exactly s over you Google and it'll pop up now is this so there's a bunch of them know. Yeah, but I found I found I matched his. You know His avatar's picture is ah, because no one ever uses someone else's picture right? It still says Zone manager but now he's general 33 followers blue check. No, It was not only five, but I guess people for poor Rick. No, No. Here's the thing. What do you think you can write? Nothing. I don't think that this guy. I don't think this is really him. Neither. Okay you think is this is a parody account right? Its exact Anika. It hasn't tweeted since 2014 in October, So it's someone who created the parody account for him. And then they ended up losing interest Everybody else did in Rick Will D. That's what happened. I seem here on linked in zone manager Chevrolet Motor Division. Darling, That is different. I know, but I'm just saying, he's you know, he's he's out there. It's not like he's completely gone into a hole or left the business altogether. No, I didn't say he did. It would be sad. I mean, still, it's still his own manager. We're talking about the job titles, so Oh, yeah. All right. That was fun, Nervous in front of millions and millions of people in that spot. Would I? Is that what you're saying? No, I'm asking Bobbed wire. Okay, Why don't you make me orgy or people in general? Of course, Of course. It's something you've never done before and you get put on the spot. Absolutely not not not at this juncture. I think all of us have had microphones in front of our faces for far too long, but it's different when you're in front of people, but But it's Here's the difference. Sometimes I'll get a little bit nervous if there's like a public speaking situation and I look out and there are hundreds or thousands of people out there when the Boomer and I did the NYPD, the foundation dinner that was a bull room filled with people, and that was the first time I had felt nervous in a while with a microphone in front of me in this situation now. Yeah. You got the San Francisco Giants there and you're in the club house. But you don't see the millions of people that are watching on TV. I actually I actually think in that situation, I would I would be okay, because I'm not seeing so many people. Here's what I think I'd be nervous and why I think he was because You know, he has to hit on some very specific information. That Chevy obviously wants him to get out there. So I had the note cards which didn't help him. Yeah, technology and stuff. He completely blanked there. It's not like he's just having a casual conversation with Madison Bumgarner, Erin Andrews or whatever. I mean, he has to hit on certain things, so unless he a memorized them or be looked down at notes the entire time. You know, that's where I think some of the some of the nervousness came. I couldn't perform in front of others have said that before. Yes, you and Rick will be another hard time like asking the speak in front of students that like a college and things. And teachers looking out, and there's zero interest. Yes, that's stuff. I can not overcome that when I see zero interest from that audio, it's like you don't mind if you get some interaction, and you can tell that they are into it, But when they're on their phones and their board and just waiting for the next speaker, Yeah, kind of like what blood ceiling looked like in that video, and I had you know the name Jerry Carino, he writes. He covers rutger zero NJ dot com..

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