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Kale BJ I'm John Cooley in topping Austin's news two men have been arrested accused of kidnapping a woman Christmas even taking her into an abandoned house on spring Dale road police say they saw a woman physically struggle with who are divided for as Freddie Maxwell and Devin Booker before they took her into the house police move quickly to detain the two men taken an assault was about to happen by the end of the investigation the affidavit says both acted together to to take the woman from an area near givens park with quote little regard for who witnessed it the woman was taken the dell Seton Medical Center for treatment if the friend of the Austin mom found dead in Houston whatever case heard here in Austin next week Travis county officials say make it for most girlfriend of the deceased Heidi Bouchard is facing kidnapping and tampering with a corpse charges or first hearing is set for January second in Austin court at central Texas celebrated Christmas some army families got to connect with their love ones as they continue to fight ISIS in Syria fort hood's colonel miles Carrigan says a flood of helicopters visit outposts in camp since you're bearing gifts food and video messages from home sometimes it was a thousand kids grandparents best friends siblings and I tell you there are more than one big tough guy who were starting to get sweaty eyeballs after they saw their family members giving them a surprise greeting from back home to complete the circle yeah I guess as the video the soldiers responses and sending those back to the families as we head into twenty twenty there's a growing optimism about the Texas economy bride Daniel who has the Texas workforce commission expects hiring to continue at a rapid pace and will involve several different sectors frankly you know I think most economists will tell you that if we can achieve steady sustained growth across sectors that that's probably better than one jumping out of the others in a fall near the penny Becker bridge.

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