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So i thought i was a generator here only i didn't think bombs that was furthest thing from my mind but then i realized something bad happened i gotta get back so state police drove me back cone what one hundred miles an hour down the mass turnpike i get to boils and street everything had been evacuated look like dino afghanistan for crying out loud and so the first thing i did i went right into the medical let's see what was going on there and you know i had gone in their earlier in the afternoon and there was hardly any business going on a now was full but not have runners so then i said i gotta go find my family 'cause mice eight eight year old son and daughter and wife were sitting in the bleachers and i didn't know where these bombs went off could have been phones were could you call were no they'll service was knocked out soon while so nothing i had no means of communication with my family so i was heading up to the finish line to find my family and a spleech officer stop any said well you gone i said i'm going up at the finish line is he my pm says you can't go up there i said well on the race director his my idea he says it's not your race anymore and i realized that became a crime scene and i couldn't go out there and i couldn't find my own family i didn't know whether they were dead or alive and so is just a very very stressful time all right so um so the best i could do is to go the other direction to help sixty five hundred runners that were stopped and to try to decide what to do with these people because they want to get the gear and get out of the epa it was in the security area and they wouldn't weren't allowed to come to the security area pick for fear that there are other bombs were going to go off.

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