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Yeah, let's get sloppy here. Today we're back on. Monday for the Sala. Your Host Rob Cicirino and I'm so happy to be here with one of the great nonsense chroniclers of reality TV. Let's give it up for Mr. Mike Blue. Yeah I think if we're power ranking RJ podcasters based on sloppiness I'm sloppy do right now I'm in the mystery machine Goblin down those snacks I'm ready to get sloppy because the week has been far from sloppy internal, very clean cut stuff but man outside of that there is a sloppy sloppy stuff going on right it is not a happy picture necessarily in terms of what's going on with the game if you're rooting for the underdogs but. Luckily I'm happy to report. We have quite a bit of nonsense to talk about this week. My good. We have a whole treasure trove I mean when you start the week by building a fire hydrant for some inexplicable reason, you know that there might be some big brother based stuff to talk about outside of the pretty. You know moving through the motions of the game play itself. Yeah. I brought this up last night at the podcast. Like there was not even conceit and I know that on the BNB this week you and Liana. Pretty I'm went through in great detail to describe these very elaborate storyline for the veto competition. The competition was just like, Hey, we're in up on a neighborhood block that has nine fire hydrogen at least on tough as nails they even sort of like manufactured like this was part of a cul de sac where all the homes were removed. there. is like one piece of concrete left for me home that you'll have to demolish why I wonder if that thing because obviously Dudakovic were restricted as we're builds imagine in a callback to the the takeover in which Phil Cogan appeared for a week and big brother seventeen he was going to be out there to be like firemen work every day to reconstruct hydrants when they're taken apart by hooligans, it is your job to put together this in eighteen simple. Possessed Three Caitlin Herman's you can put this fire hydrant back together and Went H. Wait Yeah. Okay. MIC very excited to talk some big brother with you. How have you been I've been doing well, you know, I think the big piece of news in my life is rob the four months ago. But seems like ages at this point you and I got together and I made a promise had there been a certain amount donated to a very good championing. Tattoo Hashtag Tattoo Thursday is imminent though we will not be celebrating much on. Thursday in the way of big brother if you're looking for something to commemorate will be getting my survivor Jettou. Then officially Ochoa Mike that's incredible. So where will the location be? So I think we're looking at the arm definitely looking at the arm not looking at my arm. There we go. There's that beauty thinking probably four arm or bisexual I'm not entirely sure. Whichever the People Magazine's less painful. Will probably be what I honestly off or and what I could probably pull off more. It's debatable as to whether I could pull off either but this is my bed and I'm GonNa lay in it. Okay. What will the ultimate decision come down to just how painful it will be I don't know and have to also Angela wife is getting her fourth tattoo he has a. Cookbook correct. Unfortunately Dome Computer for that Angela don't send her my wife One star review named Portmanteau is a Manjula. Yes know she prefers not talk she prefers. and Guyq. Sounds worse. Sounds like your show got something. We don't think she prefers anger. I think it's really like Eggs one hand half a dozen other and they're both rotten Hanson for and guy. But she's getting her fourth Tattoo. She sort of is like the canal to my David in terms of TAT's preparation. Well, I'm following her leave here. Here's La. No nothing stop nothing absolutely not. She's a lovely person and she's going to help me get tattoo here. She was really helping me guide. In my hand along in terms of the design in which the Great Shanteau, who has done so much awesome stuff for the RHA post show recaps community including the eight bit survivor series. He did some designs for down the hatch. You did a lot of stuff or Robin Cuba need a podcast young got to design the what the ultimate winning design was from the brain seal. We get a couple of months ago. It's one of those things where like I keep compared to that episode of parks and recreation when Abram an appointment for like I, think March. Twenty ninth because she didn't realize that there was a day that was March twenty ninth and they all just happened. It was something you see in the distance and you think you'll never achieve like boom. We made this booking months ago. It's like, okay, it's September twenty, twenty four it's fine wile away that's in the middle brother I don't need to worry about it. Now it's actually here and I don't know how to feel about the three more sleep until it good three more sleeps and I'm glad you reminded me because I said I would pay for it. Oh Yeah I forgot about that audits. Okay. Please send me a bill on the to I'll send you an invoice. Yes. Okay. All right. That I don't know how much tattoos cost but they're not, it's not like five figures right now. We're not looking at like you know Janke swap veto money that you get. You Nicole to my day van but it will it will not be as magnanimous gesture but I'll still expect okay. All right. So that's coming up later on this week as. We would all be waiting to check that out. Yeah. I'm debating if I should like I, don't know shy like stream not a big instagram live guy and I don't know how much confidence stream the actual to I think I have a reveal. Lybia. News. I HAVE BIG BIG MEMPHIS Energ- J.. Like hey, everybody who wants wants to see that Tattoo Popular. Yeah exactly just pop out through the window and just command everybody to see just scare the living daylights everyone. Yeah I think that's ideal. All right. So we'll be on the lookout for that. All right Mike just overall I know you had a chance to ask Ian some questions, of course from Raid Dot Com anything interesting come up in your chat with Ian Your video chat. I think the thing would be an age. Yes. Exactly. It was more. So we got you and I both like six separate goodbye messages for me. Whereas really a one sided conversation and we got the other side of the conversation after the fact..

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