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All around by the nuggets Murray, lobs it in opening into Colo Yokich zoo box. Dumped home not gonna count the outside official called an offensive foul on the colour Yokich was interesting. He called him for a hook. But he called the rogue RV city hooked up with the right? Oh 'cause here comes Alexander again gender on the right side to gallon Ori top akitas zoo box. I left side. Now Patrick Beverley Beverly throws it on the elbow over Danilo Gallinari guarded by Millsap throws out of it to Shamet sham. It gets right past Barton. Kickout? Three Alexander's jumper is. No good. Rebound comes down at a coal yoga chats. Number nine leaking out is very bad pass by joker. And he threw it away. Loose ball picked off. By Alexander, Alexandra. Throws it download a su- box. Leans Bank shot. No good. Rebound comes down to the Colo Yokich. Again. There's a double double yoga chants often Murray. He stopped the free throw line kickout three Millsap. Nothing but net. Eleven sixty seven to fifty six as a big shot, the nuggets have to be careful. I yolk has three personal fouls. Now. I want to see in that fourth early in the thirds Shems will take a jumper that won miss. He's really struggling rebound comes down into call Yokich album Paso over to Jamal Murray. Very high pick from Yokich stops inside the paint throws out of a joker. Head fake. Got rid of zubec-, got fouled. No whistle miss. The jump shot. Rebound comes down to Danilo Gallinari. Courtney Kirkland on the call stutter Stephanie drive by Beverly. And then a frustration foul on the color Yokich. Exactly what he can't do. And that'll be his sport. That's a killer. That's just not smart by Nicola. You're.

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