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Charm offensive was extremely successful and the end result was was that schultz got off on his trial that he was not found guilty that the system at the time required a consensus vote to find him guilty they were not able to achieve that so his case was tossed out schultz was genuinely surprised by his victory and the small town judge was a poem and the judge of the case was just infuriated and actually gave a little speech in the courtroom saying basically implying that you know out of town people have come here and tried to impress the locals and this is terrible and basically scolds the jury author thomas repetto the judge ruled later that those folks could never serve on jury he said this this decision is against the evidence dutch had beaten the government rap for tax evasion but on his return to new york schultz discovered that other forces had also been conspiring against him schultz one and malone but he quickly realizes that he's been betrayed by one of his closest associates bo weinberg who's been with them for years with schultz on the ropes weinberg had been plotting to betray him to his archrival lucky luchino lucky luciano he was in communication with a guy named long willman and was sort of communicating with them and basically saying i'll help you take over dutch schultz's criminal empire if you give me either a chunk of the proceeds or let me run part of the empire myself so bo was thinking very much scholtz is either going to go to jail or get kim.

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