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Pda's disgusting if it's like during the day in your in a spot where it's like walking down the street your starbucks your mall whatever it's like get the fuck out of my face pda outside of a bar two in the morning i'm watching because they might just fuck little good of where's this going to go see the end of this move if your wife is down you might as well stick or because thrilling good right right developing so but it's an interesting point like we think about love in the movies portrayed as bradley cooper making out with like oma thurman and next to a lake with lawns and that's not what love and real life is like love in real life manifest as to overweight hispanic teacher teenagers making out in the union square subway horrible acne sweating they've got neck hair you're not bothered by part it was a very specific instance what day was this summer you can hear them making it bothers me bellizzi was like they were eating peanut butter it off each other it was disgusting going by i'm having you finally be able to long time i think working on this day because i've heard you like trying to work as a bit of leaving finally rundown would have been the place it was worth it we're very well good that's the end of the rundown been weird ride yeah we're going do and ask show but i feel like we got we covered the best best run.

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