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God he had to bring it out yet. John so i go to. The rams and i went to sophie stadium. There are sleeper and travis on the scoreboard. I'm like oh wait a minute. We're on the scoreboard. At the laker games. I'd much rather be in the scoreboard at the lakers. Game than the ram game. There only eight home. Ram games are forty one home. Laker games laker town. It's a better gig. As long as we're still on the scoreboard at every game every game by the way. We're you hear window offers on. I don't think you were not well. I don't know the last time i was on. He told you that you you were banned from doing whose house but no i heard you had bill plunkett on. And here's a question that went. Ask you about the dodgers. The dodgers are now one game behind the giants which i didn't think they were gonna catch the giants at all and while i was gone. They caught him so now. I think it's a real possibility. The dodgers can win the division. Even though you are underrating the giants the giants are really good. But here's here's my question. So i'm in idaho. And i'm watching the dodgers or beaten everybody to have this great month of august yup and they have a chance to set their pitching rotation. So it'll be ordering this bueller and sherzer in san francisco where the game's really mean. Made this point to and greg disagrees with it. I if they had pitched in the final game against colorado we would have had sure zor against the giants on greg. I'm gonna give you thirty seconds to explain how in the world you could the other way. What sense does it make to not pictures or against the giants because you needed to have your top. Three pitchers going against the braves. The braves are a better team. And then you need to have them right there. You need to win those games and it worked out. They were at zero zero. They were tied going into the weekend series. All right so we're supposed to okay so so let me point to things out that you said that. Were just factually incorrect. The i was actually incorrect. The braves are not better than the giants. They played the same amount of games giant. The giants have a better record number two. The games against the braves were at home. The game in san francisco men everything the braves are not in your division by the way great by the way the fact that they booted that series b. bite you know and i know the giants bullpen games too but that series no the series if they pictures where they would've have won the series right. They didn't pitch bueller. Hold on on sunday right white but they went bullpen game on saturday night and friday friday night and it went on. Okay saturday in so greg and nothing to do with the pictures though but wait a minute. Let me make this point connecticut. This point by not winning. Two of three and i think even you would agree. That pitching sherzer would give them a better chance to win. Two three by not winning two of three. They gave the season series to the giants. Ten nine so now if they finished with identical records and there's a one game playoff to determine the division winner. The game is in san francisco even worse if they finish tied in the standings and they meet in a seven game series. The giants now have home field. They completely disregarded the importance of the giants series. I don't know what they paid about it. Here's the thing greg. a game. A win against the giants counts for two right totally undersold game on them as opposed to what we're doing yesterday. We beat saint louis. Well they'd be colorado. It's now we're in a full on chase and we don't get him again. Those games against the giants countered his hand in double we look. You're looking back on wrong though. This is the pitching matchups. Didn't actually make that much of a difference. You had dealer still going on sunday. And he got lit. You're you're you're right you're using you know you're using hindsight the know greg on used for site. I complain about this. The when i got to work last monday complaint about this i said why did you throw line was hit. Youth wrote reassess on sunday against colorado. That would have given assures her on sunday on friday. They went to extra innings. Do the people that started the only give up one by the way. Friday isn't that friday night came in the friday. night game. dave roberts screw up no. I know you wanna leave. Will smith in the game. Because he's a clutch hitter. But will smith had not played first base ever not even in the minors. Here's the thing you're missing john. So they what they did was they had to pinch. Run for our pool holes in the tenth right. did you see him. Truck from second to third on that sacked fly. They needed a guy who could score on an infield hit or bueller in as a pinch runner correct and that meant that. The first baseman had to be will smith. They were just keeping will smith in the lineup. For keeping wolves smith and lineup. It's because they pinch hit for holes that they had to move will smith and i don't disagree with the move to wait a minute. Run for pools were bellinger. And muncie still in the game. They were out there gone there. Nobody else could've played i. Nobody would ever played first base before could have played. I pay exactly. And i don't disagree with the move and i don't think you would either to pinch run for albert pool halls. Who is like. I was texting truck out by college remained at. Ucla was a baseball player. Big pitcher not fast. And i texted him during that game and i said am i wrong to suggest that both you and i could run from home to first faster than pool halls and he was response. Was you and i in a tag team. Relay could you would lap them. It would go. You can go around twice before he gets up so you disagree with pinch running for pool and that was left yet and i'll i'll do we have time. Okay the other thing you guys. I know you guys feel this way. You guys are both wrong that if we get to a one game playoff we throw bueller and not sherzer. You're paying attention to how good sherzer is right now. Yeah go ahead right now. Sherzer you could. Tim never make this argument yesterday during the game on the radio shirt just worked himself. Back into cy young contention he's his his stats with the dodgers in his five starts since he's been here he's five with an era of one and sixty three strikeouts. He's the best pitcher on the planet right now. And if you have one game yearning we consider given that ball to anybody first of all. I don't i don't agree with you. That's what that is as prisoner. The moment walker bueller through exactly one bad game. Wait a minute. I say i didn't say i didn't say anything about bueller. I'm talking about again. You guys aren't paying attention to shoot buehler's great a a great pitcher. Nobody not bueller. Not anybody right now. Not jacob degrom. Who's been hurt sure. Zor is the best pitcher on the planet right now. You should open the phones for this eight. Seven seven seven.

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