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I mean, let's be honest. If if if men women and children are able to make the journey and get across the border, how hard can it be to across the border. When you're talking about young children being brought across on the journey. It can't be as difficult as people are trying to make it out to be when it's politically expedient for them to say, there's not really an issue. There is a huge issue. We should be having a very honest and vocal debate about this. So now when we're going to see families that are considered to be the working poor in America, the qualify for food assistance program being told that the money is about to run out, and they'll have to look elsewhere. You're going to start to see some movement by people. One of the things we're gonna do coming up nine it just after the bottom of the hour. We will talk about the incoming freshmen the progressive caucus in the house of representatives. These are people that are no joke. We I am not going to complain about their motivation. I will be honest with you how many of us wished that the Republicans in the house of representatives would be one joined at the hip group. Loud vocal and saying we've been elected to come here to do a job. This is no joke. We didn't come here to play because that's what these group this group of freshman. Incoming freshmen are saying led by as far as of visuals are concerned Alexandria, Cossio Cortez. They are going to hit the ground running. They didn't come there to step in fetch. They didn't come there to sit down and wait their turn. They didn't go there to be told you vote the way we tell you to vote sit there until you learn how this game is played. So it's not going to get easier for the president's agenda moving forward. And here's the trade in all of this. And this is the part where I I've if you've been listening. I apologize for being so repetitive. The media's not doing their job in telling you. How things should be or how things really are. Because if they were. We would be talking about what should be happening from both perspectives. How is it that the Democrats can be such hypocrites on illegal immigration spending? All the years that they have being border hawks demonizing illegal immigration. If if President Trump were to rip and read the words of Bill Clinton in the state of the union address Senator Obama denouncing this was before he was president Senator Obama denouncing illegal immigration and how it's a slap in the face to legal immigrants. And Chuck Schumer saying we shouldn't even call them undocumented. They don't even designate now, I don't know if you've noticed, but it's gone from illegal immigrants to undocumented migrant to just migrants. There are no longer called illegal on any level. They are lumped in with every other immigrants altogether. You either doing it the right way or the you're the wrong way. But you're all migrants. Most Americans understand the need for this. It just needs to be articulated and fought for. This shutdown now is gonna cost people that need it with food assistance. Now, it's my personal belief that the federal government should be issuing food assistance program. It should be held at the local level. And I also think that the private sector is much better at charity than than any government entity is I think that when you work in the private sector, and and at home in Arizona, I work closely with Saint Vincent de Paul. And I know there are a lot of great worthwhile organizations across the country. But the the Arizona. Saint Vincent depaul is the most comprehensive well thought out well practicing money, managing charitable organization..

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