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Helping me Vroom Vroom lots of Ben Perry, brave bans. I'm ben. Has given us a photo of him DJ. I one of these charity events drop the beat DJ, Benny, and he's behind that. How cool is that? Jay by knees. Nine nine. Do you know what I'm going to donate to Ben you? Yeah, nice one band. That is brilliant. So yeah, if anyone sees hoping Ben is brave Benz goal. Now I want more hours and more details from on the deal is dad's truck with him. So he's raised about twenty thousand twenty thousand pounds in phenomenal bed. Absolutely. So yeah, Ben's dad. Yes, he will let him go writing in a fast sports coffee. We need. No. What? But what's that? What does he get right? What does he get in here? Because it seemingly Benz doing all the hard work and just if you got the twenty five. Yeah, you got an if I sports go. What like round the track token? Well, right does he gets go himself? I'm sure. I'm sure he will. Can you drive. This use that field so with? Yeah. Twenty five. Quick give us. Yeah. Give some more details, but that's pretty, I mean, to raise twenty thousand pounds and the money guys. So this is basically for brave Benz goal. What did you do with the money on it said, so I guess it's, it's just found to here. Yeah, he's by sports as by throws. Now, let's go into all day hospital. Yeah. Okay, absolutely. Great. Nice one, Ben. Thank you very much. Well, let's see what we can do listeners. We can. We raise five thousand pound full Ben that all set any help. If you go to the just giving and search brave, bans goal goal. All right. Well, they go if you wanna give twenty Craig. How about that or five pound yet, whether you can afford, isn't it just giving. Brave, bans gold yet. No space is given to quit. Baton. Have you going super fast cars..

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