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Always be the age franklin remembers him as i love it. Even though it's not true i love it kennedy funny. They pete's <unk> than mayday. Mayday run friends is waiting standby weight and the draw new mayday series okay. We need to make that happen. Even if we have to kick starter oh three said i mean at one point the fans save the fans made up full their own flyers and whatever else they did and you know just the fans say that book kelly's ones so oh yeah 'cause that's what even said. He's like you know all the all. The suits have like their biggest bega fears and systems you know about when the cancel book in stock is like a book along eventually starts going down down down. He's like their sales sales. Numbers were like basically flat bowl time people caught on in stayed on so they never saw like a draw. I mean then chewed up but it didn't down either. Yeah suits may if i can say about suits iran or you so you know he had had like at the right place marble n._b._c. Bring us in have given up on these kirtley's in klang applying archie comics. It's official or you healthier continuity cop. I'll be good taste cop. I mean come on. I can defend ben reilly in the slingers for god's sake. Let me be your height shameless goods. Yes all right. Everyone send me your thoughts on all. The slingers has been fun. Slinger one for you and your homework and send us your thoughts on next month. We're going to be doing all the act spiderman acts of vengeance issues so oh. He does to me people for me. That's good and i love how like she like. It was my choices the people within when i'm like making a list or something she was like oh just pick whatever you want and then it doesn't anyway who whoa whoa dude slingers how much more of a choice that i have only because i love i thought i thought you want an extra a week of swinging. Does it would a fan of slinging anyway so senator thoughts on <hes> anywhere slinger. Stop this month or next month acts of vengeance email us keeps a lunatics at <hes> for opera later.

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