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Receiving and might i add not knowing who the hell this quarterback was going to be majority of attacking. This dude has produced. He's played whale under pressure wild defeating a contract. Matinee ain't know what the hell he was doing offensively from Miss bisky was the quarterback. You look at alan robertson. His quarterback situation. And you think to yourself you know what this guy's been printed down productive with all of the open door policy. We've had at quarterback will remind you of another guy right by the name of deondraye hopkins who the houston texans stupidly. Let go to arizona cardinals. And now we find well we all knew as opposed to the houston texas that he was dominate from the wide receiver. Position wherever you win. Allie robinson's should be the priority in chicago. That's the bottom land. And i know my mail. Mike will feel. But i'm gonna let jeff saturday reiterate what the hell i just say. One hundred percent right swagger. Listen thinking about it this way man you. You're telling him he's not a one. Because you and i both know if this is your. You've already gotten this deal done. You're you're talking about nagy about ryan pace who may not even be the general manager and head coach next year. they'll just kicking the can down the rope. Meanwhile you draft move up to get a guy. You don't see the year that they're going to spend together this year and if you have a long-term already place in a rookie contract for your quarterback that doesn't benefit your football team long-term now you've got a guy on illicit donald you. The highest paid wide receiver in the game. You're talking about guy you're getting for a steel who's through and showed up year after years ten. He's going to build a rapport and relationship with your upcoming quarterback. Why this is just this is just dumb on a whole other level. Why statin gotten done while they continue to push this thing out. It just does not make sense to me. The guy needs a deal. He's earned a deal. Make it happen and against solidify. Your would this laggers point. You can't win in the nfl without your one. So obviously they just don't think he's a one joe jeff johnny's looking at somebody doing today face. You go ahead swag you face way. I'm meeting my me. You jeff saturday. Jeff darlington we need to all go apply to be general managers. Run the day. I'm organization surrounding because that's exactly what the hell late doing this. I don't think anybody's gentlemen do own or rent your home. Sure you and. I bet it can be hard work you know. It's easy bundling policies with geico. Geico makes it easy to bundle your homeowner's or renter's insurance along with your auto policy. It's a good thing too because you already have so much to do around your home. Go to geico dot com quote and see how much you could save. Its gyco easy visit. Geico dot com today. That's geico dot com after survey more than fifty league personnel to health rank. The top player at eleven different positions. Here's what the espn we've survey says about the top. Five offensive tackles and interior put nelson. Zack martin britain scherf the interior writings blogs trent williams box. Yari and memory tunsil top two tackles the line dancing of this jeff. Let's to listeners of the nfl. Gotta go big you with nelson listed. He's a told everybody goes down over. This dude is a faller. Listen been linked three years all pro pro bowl the most dominant offensive linemen in the game right now in my favorite part of what you just saw. He plays with a level of nastiness. It is rare for our game. He wants to finish students. Put them on their back. Trash on the way back in the huddle and he don't want nobody on his team helping nobody else up. Leave him on the ground that there would attitude how you know. He is a grown man and the best in the business right now much. Respect the big issue. Well marcus one down for me. He'll be the first ever twenty million dollars per year guard when it's extension which i'm sure you get done is eventually science swaggie. Let's flip things around me your five best defensive in the league right now five to one. Let's go baby already. Talking about number number five chris jones and listen i love how dominant years from the and believe it or not. These guys are becoming more and more valuable with the amount of time quarterback the ball out of their hands. Chris is dominating the run game. He has a great ball rushmo. He has the wiggle. Uc running game. He understands how to play the position. He plays it with physicality with me. When need these crystals number five number four khalil mack. Yeah i told. The guardian numbers stood up this past year. But believe it or not khalil. Mack is neil dominant piece winning at a high level with the way he plays the run like three hundred fifty pounds and looking the size of the oil zone. This dude he can lock them up. Knock them back. Get after the quarterback. One of my favorite favorite favorite players in the nfl is khalil. Mack is let me get to an amano not multiplicity plays the linebacker position as well as worse the passer as well as anybody over the last year when nine sec. He's getting their clip. Is putting cam. Heyward is very good but to know why we don't talk about it because they say what is the outside not drake jay. Jay j. j. is the ball player right now. Let me get the number to the big free catholic myles garrett. I wish i had an inch of athletic. That the big hand because doing all he can. You can use his hips. The most impressive thing is saturday. You go this myles. Garrett is six six but can ben against low like a snake it not lose lamma talk about is a beast coming off the air a y'all know wail one he is he never loses. He always makes impact. Play an mama when you gotta block. It ain't going to be a good week. I know quinn his good more good but don't nobody wanna see ninety nine point nine nine eight like to usually guys throw window down to his. Put anybody else on the defense black as linda. Floyd jeff saturday. Air down a guy and pay fifty million dollars. That's my top five list. If you don't like it you know what i say has make your damn. Oh well swag who. I'm gonna make sure somehow you'll responsible for reading every list on. Espn television going forward. That was electric. You're the general manager of a team for a second and just think about this proposition. You can invest in a great offensive line or a great defensive line. What's more important in building winning roster yet an enclosed offensive line. Listen when you think about the requirements of what the offensive line has to. Have you got to protect the most important asset on your football team. That's the quarterback you have to be able to establish the run game. The communication between all five of those guys has to be impeccable. All the different traits you're looking for from from a team that's gonna win in the nfl. The offensive line. That's where you start and listen if you look at the way dak prescott career started. Don't don't miss the that offensive line contributed a great amount to helping him get there. So i think you always gotta start with the not dismissing the defensive lines important but.

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