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With more clouds on Tuesday I have accu weather meteorologist bill decker news ninety three point one K. F. B. K. the following is a paid program the views and opinions expressed are solely those of the host and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the staff management and parent company of KFBK it will give in to another episode of at home I'm Jim lance here with Gary Harwood a local energy specialist and owner of eagle shield Garrett always good to have you with us thanks for having me eight so let's start this show off by telling people exactly what it is you do for your customers at eagle shield while we tend to focus on the quality air flow component and keeping people in the winter warmer and keeping people in the summer cooler right now with everything that's going on I think from the health aspect is were focusing more on just keeping people in their home a lot warmer and running their heaters and air less so they're not drying out the air they're not getting the particulates so from a health standpoint that's our focus is just keeping people healthier and keeping them warmer this winter yeah so now as I said in the age of of coronavirus I would almost think you would consider yours and essential business well it certainly is an essential business because we focused primarily on a compromised immune system say thank about you have is a senior citizen that needs to be warm one of the issues when you're dealing with that as we get older and I'm heading there myself at sixty and I'm noticing things happen yeah but I would I would say that when you're dealing with seniors as a rule they just need to stay warmer when you're dealing with arthritis osteoporosis you're running the heater more than you should you're actually drying out the air which is creating a lot of dry skin sinus allergy issues and it makes seniors and compromised immune systems more susceptible to pneumonia issues like that so those are the people we help every day and and we are an essential service because when you look at it insulation is vitally vitally important to keeping the winter heat.

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