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Helps get there faster. I'm occur. Iheart media, the country's largest multimedia. Marketing company is looking for our next sale superstar. If you live and breathe creating branding solutions for clients, then we wanna meet you go to come rock with us. DC dot com. That's come rock with us. DC dot com. Hi, I'm Jay Farner CEO of Quicken Loans. Thirty percent of Americans who are planning home improvement of five thousand dollars or more will pay for those renovations, with a high interest credit card that may not be a great idea, a better idea maybe to take cash out of your home with a Quicken Loans. Thirty year fixed rate mortgage, the rate today on our thirty year fixed rate mortgage is four point one to five percents. APR four point two two percent. Call us today at eight hundred quicken or go to rocketmortgage dot com. Eight thousand feet receive his just call for cost information. Antigens housing lender. MLS number thirty. L I, F, TI QE, teak dot com. You probably need this. Call eight hundred eight four six four thousand fat indeed. We understand that when it comes to hiring, it's important have a large talent pool that shoes from. But sometimes too many good options can be overwhelming. That's why the doesn't just get you access to a large pool of job seekers. We also offer screener tools that let you instantly narrow down your search hone in on hiring with indeed experienced indeed for yourself today and get a free sponsor job of great on your first posting and indeed dot com slash promo terms and conditions apply. Guess what? Right now is the perfect time to tackle those home projects. You've been putting off, so come summertime, you can just sit back and relax. Homeadvisor can help get you started. Homeadvisor matches you to the right pro for the job in seconds. You can read reviews and even book appointments online. Homeadvisor can help with any home project. Big or small painting plumbing, even remodeling. Great fro now before the busy season hits to homeadvisor dot com or download the free app. This is an advertisement. Paid non-attorney spokesperson. Ricky LeBlanc admitted, Massachusetts only cycle law LLC, chestnut hill, mass Paul j Morgan Winter Park. Florida hobby New Jersey. Michael, bro. Gonzales admitted Louisiana, while this remains joint responsibility. Most cases of this, hyper effort weather attorneys, four principal responsibility me,.

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