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Aren't prince rogers nelson so it was his actual first name more of a connection to reality cat stevens call them just would've loved rate going good i'd love to have gotten just one of the checks he wrote and signed as the symbol can expire chad imagine like prince just writing tons of check everything with a check like two dollars at taco bell can i right he was then just a right i wonder if do you think that they're like on his computer yeah there was a little juhnke got a little prince key made or there was a gift that these posted nearly a stamp replace the tab key possible i mean that's like an important magic prince emailing a lot yeah did he email one of those people like your parents yell into it and like he's all caps i of thought about a know who who is it who was like no is it like john lasseter someone who is no email he's he's in trouble but a like a no email guy i know bill clinton like would be like they would print out emails for him he would like respond to kind of of end just an old guy guy creating more work but yeah i don't know it seems nice you mean like it does told me there is there are restaurants and i'm not trying to get us back on topic gentlemen jay let's get to there around guys restaurant.

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