Lucille Ball, Columbia, MGM discussed on The Projection Booth Podcast - Episode 343: Mad Love (1935)


And of course later became the uh key lou photographer lucille ball on television pioneering tv cameramen so off so that was throwing lorry of course again a brilliant actor uh this was as you mentioned his first american film uh he had been association in the film m that slag directed in germany uh he played a child murderer who kept children should choose closet uh and and he looked telling the story that you know when he walked down the streets in berlin mobs were chasing because they're right now from the movie uh incredible performance just a it'd be rebuke timeless way yo of the incredible before he didn't made a number of films in germany and england and then he came to america and he was at columbia and eventually learn about the mgm to do mad low did you know today it's just an amazing performance uh to watch him in this in this picture uh if the uh the listeners aren't too familiar with the plot just very briefly uh the film sort of has something to obscure a disturb everybody with it here's the story of a may a doctor whose peter were who use vote very madly in love with an actress whose historically grand union will theater and cars and whose husband is a concert pianist and when husband's hands or amputated after train wreck uh this may a doctor transplants new hands on through the patient's wrists and that used to be those of a knife murderer and lo and behold shortly later the pianist starts throwing knives with his new hands so it's a really pretty outlandish story and it gets a really outlandish treatment uh the promo from freund him the cast and um it's a powerhouse cast him in addition to laurie you have cullen clouds you mentioned to play dr frankenstein in the original frankenstein and had just played uh i find again in a sequel bride of frankenstein and he plays were lock the pianist and you have francis drake.

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