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A daycare business in his home for twenty five years has been accused of sexual abuse involving a third separate child officer sam clements says the latest against david hersh is alleged abuse against a fouryearold when the original accusations were made police expected that other people would come forward they are house speaker mark mickelson supports a bill that calls for drug tests for all state legislators in fact he thinks it might be good to expand it really can't think of any reasonable objection to the proposal other them wallet goal look at a few other categories of hold to him to include in this mickelson was on kelo radio's it's your business show with bill zortman today all three major candidates for south dakota governor raised lots of money last year republicans jackley unknown both raised over nine hundred thousand dollars even democrat billy sutton raised well over eight hundred thousand republican congressional candidate dusty johnson killed a snake in the black hills and he wants to do the same in washington in his latest video dusty holds a toy sneak and reminds folks of how he killed arrival or out in the hills that was threatening some kids at a campi was ronnie he's ready to be dusty the snake killer in congress i work hard vanquished though snakes but happy vanquished he says he will call a snake a snake mark rousseau kelocom news xl energy is sending more than seventy employees to puerto rico today to help with the ongoing power restoration efforts on the island more than sixty eight percent of customers had their power restored but hundreds of thousands remained without power more than.

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