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He is the buzz killer. He is Pat buck, Pat, what's the hap Smolin lodge changes? I've been been here less time. So I think we have a lot to talk about and Alaska's probably most interesting thing, I could talk about it, surely the. Recent thing, right. Yeah. I just got off the plane yesterday. So I mean, it was pretty not. So I heard of course, you know, wrestle pro is kind of the little company that could it's your it's your, you know, and we talked about it when you kinda were first starting wrestle pro. That was your way of going. You know, it looks like I'm not getting a ton of opportunities in the world of wrestling to make a time living. So you got to this point where it was either invest everything and just go for it and do wrestle pro and create a pro and create create this thing that can make a fulltime living or go and do something else in and this thing is paid off for you huge to the point that like a couple months ago. I started seeing stuff online that you were like, you know, nobody's really done an independent wrestling show in Alaska. I should be that guy kind of yet. That's exactly right with the whole how I started promoting and switch from being a wrestler guide to promoter Booker trainer guy. It was part of it was for survival. Where it was like, hey, I can stay in this when I left early when I let FCW or early next he would ever want to call it. I went back to the independent scene. And at that time, it was two thousand twelve I don't think it was the animal that it is today. And I was wrestling for a lot of places that were not rewarding. I couldn't you know. I had no incoming off of FCW in two thousand twelve is certainly not coming off of annex t in two thousand nineteen sure. Like, it's two different every the whole world. I mean, it's so weird that two thousand twelve is really not that long ago. But the whole wrestling world was a completely different space. Everything has changed everything. It's changed from three years ago to be honest. So at that time, I went sort of wrestling for a lot of places, and I didn't have a lot of input. I wasn't really happy with you know, I love being in. The ring, but there's so many, you know, this is a wrestler in in any business that that the entering parts of fun fun stuff. But everything else was just a drag. And I said, I don't know where my career is going to go. So let me try to put on one show and one show turned into. I think a hundred and eighty right now, busy, they like that's so interesting because you go, you know, everything that's not in ring is such a drag. How do I control the stuff? That's not in ring. I kinda got to be the guy in charge. Right. Yeah. Yeah. So at least I can well, I just kept, you know, for those people that are actually start their own thing or thinking about it. You you have these thoughts like men, I think I can do this a little bit better. And I started having those thoughts, you know, I hate to be somewhat arrogant, but sitting in Lovie w locker room for so long after his wrestling, a four five minute match on TV and having all that time. And I'd be like, I think this would be a lot better, and it would never speak up about it. But all these thoughts over the years and all these different locker rooms, I went, you know, what let me stop thinking about it. Let me just try it. So that led to you know, the first show, and then people that are..

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