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This is news ninety six five WDBO. This is news ninety six point five WDBO. Interesting is the best way to describe. This has got a new book out. It's about his life. And a lot of different things. We're going to talk to him about today. And this is the guy who's gone from the depths and is risen back up. And it is an American story that you will find nowhere else on earth. The book is called the shot. Caller, a Latino gang bangers miraculous escape from a life of violence to a new life in Christ comes out April. Second paperback joining us now is the author of the as and first of all I just the journey itself. From you coming here from El Salvador to where you got to the position where you decided, hey, you know, what gang? Banging seems like the right choice for me is just so interesting. Yeah. Thank you so much for having me. It's you know, it's something that you you don't plan for it. Just kinda happens where in the place where you grow up, and that's a as as condensed as I as I can put it. So you come from El Salvador, and again, it was at the time. When it was, you know, I mean, I was I remember those days the kids coming from El Salvador, there were just being reintroduced introduced schools in certain parts in southern California. Which is where you were. And they were coming escaping these civil war and all that stuff. And with them a lot at times came some, you know, people who were able to escape that wanted a better life in some who who took what they learn there and brought here how did you get sucked into that gang lifestyle? Had a lot to do with me in my household violence that was there with my father, a mom that worked long hours who have to work two hours to jobs just to support the people move overhead and food on the table and the environment. This is when they really in the eighties when again seen had just stepped into Los Angeles, and it was taking form, and you know, when you when there's really nothing at the home look forward to for kids, the streets became very attractive. Very, you know, you look at it the streets embrace you, and you embrace the streets absolutely talking to a case is books called the shock collar, Latinos gang miraculous, escape from a life of violence to a new life in Christ. And that life of violets took you to eventually. To prison. You were convicted I believe it was second degree murder and some fifty plus robberies. And you went not just into prison. You went into a deep solitary hole. And is that when things started to turn around for you? Yeah. This is where it became a little bit more serious. You know, getting involved in the organized crime up part of the prison population. And you know, it was prior to be getting bored. Again, I live for the thrill. And and it was just something that you did you didn't think about it twice. It was just something that you did and position that you held you held onto you know, by doing some very outlandish crimes within the prison population. Did you ever think to yourself? I mean, you're doing all of these things at you've got your gang who. And let's talk about this all the time here on my show Casey's the fact that that, you know, I look around the world see things like ISIS, and you see all these other groups a lot of times, it's the same thing. They're just gang bangers on the other side of the world who were taking people who are disenfranchised to feel like they don't have a family and saying this is the family, but I think for a lot of people, and you had to know this. I mean, you you think you're invincible. But the reality is the only way out they always tell you is either in a body bag or it's in prison for all intents and purposes. That is the only way, you know, you just it's almost like a a signed contract that your that's being presented right before your eyes. And and in order to get out. It usually beams you losing your life. If you if you ever desire to get out, and you know, you know, this coming in. So it doesn't shock you expect that and you know, for me, it was Michael version was such. So that I I knew what I didn't buy my heart in my life in that cell in solitary couldn't deny what happens. There was nobody coaching me. There was nobody really, you know, sitting down with being letting me know the planets, you it was just a little lady there from a prison ministry that came in. And you know, once a month, let's say, you know, brain for you and Jesus going to use you some day, and consistency or intercessory prayer. That's really what did the number on me inside that. So. Absolutely. And it's very interesting. You know, we when you read about how it happened with you again twenty three hours a day in solitary confinement. You you're going through all these things and you're having somebody come in and say, hey, let me tell you something. I'm thinking about you. I'm praying about you somebody else out there, really loves you. But on top of this. You know, when you when you do this you go out back into the community, you're helping people now, especially young kids Hispanic kids, who as you know, are in the same path as you the the violence, the gangs the money from the cartels to to the street gangs. And and all of this stuff, you need somebody like a you out there who gets it who's been through what they're going through. But you know, it's very interesting. My thing is I've always said the the gang let you escape or how did they just finally say you're off limits. That's a very interesting thing. I find to be you know, 'cause you hear about these things that like we said you leave in a body bag. You're leaving prison. Yeah. You know? And that's that's that's my message to you know, these days and these times that gain should never be looked upon as something. That's just you could just kind of brush off. I like what you said a little earlier, and compared it to somewhere like, you know, organizations like ISIS, it's exactly that it's only in in a civilized world. But the movements are the same the recruiting is the same. And you know, it's it's I think my message today is warning the American people that this is a serious problem. I was in that cell and for me immediately. When I stepped down on new rules, and you're the consequences that would follow and hit was placed on my life. The big game. What's called the green light on the green light on the meaning? You know, they they they my life was required at that moment. And I just knew that God had changed my heart in my life. And if I was willing to die for my neighborhood for my gang for this organization. How much more how much more soul was I ready to you know, if my life was required for for the gospel. And that's what that's what was required. And that was okay with that. That's crazy. Talking to Casey s the shot callers. The name of the book Latino gang bangers miraculous escape from a life of violence to a new life in Christ. And you talk about America you talking about the fact that you support Trump and the building of the wall and is decision for a state of emergency. And and in a day and age again, you were brought here it was much different time comparatively to now, but you are for this and partly because you say, look, you know, even though the as you well know, there's so many people that are coming here because they want the American dream. They see what's here. But there's a lot of people that are coming here who want nothing more than to bring their activities that they were doing in other countries here, and you get that. Yeah. I do you know, it's like. Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, all these places that I mean, again population has overtaken, you know, even law enforcement in and, you know, city mayors and a people that sort, and, you know, they're on dry land. Now, there's nothing to hunt over there anymore, and they see an opportunity here in America. And they're gonna disguise themselves coming into these caravans. I mean, that's that's just going to happen. Just not too long ago. You had twenty three MS thirteen gang members disguised as regular people find across the border, and they were caught. And so this is what this is why you know, I know that. Some of the questions that are asked. You aren't you afraid that maybe you're saying a little bit too much about that? And I'm not, you know, I it's the truth. And I think that if you can't just put the truth underneath some some carpet, you got to expose it, and you got to share it. And you gotta be bold about it. And I think that you know, we can't be naive people coming in here with good intentions. Absolutely. You know, there's there's obviously a need in those countries, and they're trying to better themselves, and they do have a dream that they want us to feel, but there's a right way in the long way to come in here. And I think that you know, I I strongly believe that the the the American people are saying, you know, come through the turnstiles check you out. And if it if it all it's all good. Now, you're more than welcome and coming near an pursuing agreement and and make something of yourself. There's nothing wrong with that. But come into lightweight, and we can't be naive of the apex predators that are trying to come in here. And while the steel and kill and everything else that goes along with again, golden station. What do you want people to take away from this book? That's that's what I want them to take away. I want them to see that no matter how a dark place around. No matter how desperate the situation may look. There was still hope that Christ still reigns. And and he loves people and he died for them. And you know, here yours, you know, my story. You know, I didn't have a father that Toby. I love you. And you could make it you're gonna be great in this life. But I have a. Savior? And Lord deck has changed by my world right side up. And I'm just so grateful to be alive and be given not only a second town John's the data challenges, and and I just want people to read this book, and immediately finishing this book putting it down, and my hope is that my prayer is that they will repent and come to Christ and find real life. The gang that you were in. They are they're still there. They're still operating from what I understand have. They just kind of ignored you now or I mean, and I'm sure there are still some that have survived long enough that maybe you still have some relationship with is that awkward. Surprisingly, you know, those a time about I wanna see almost ten years ago. One of the guys that I wrote with both on the streets on inside the country. He was a a former mafia leader, and I was able to bring him to Christ. And we belong to the same gang. And in in the same thing, the same mix of things now is able to bring to the Lord, and he's doing amazing out here and blessing is married now went to college got a college degree and is doing I mean has adapted to society, and that's the difference. It's Christ Christ is the difference in the life of a person. It's it's just an interesting story. And I would be remiss if I didn't ask talking to Casey D as the shock collar Latino gang bangers miraculous escape from a life of violence to a life of Christ. You add victims out there. Did you try to reconcile with any of their family members or any of the people that you even remember who some of them were because it was at fleeting moment in time. It was you know, I did. I it was random gang leaders that I went after her while I was out here on the street. So I have not bumped into any of them out here if I would I would absolutely be a perfectly fine with. Asking for forgiveness from them. And and and having a conversation with them if they would be open to that. I absolutely would you know, it's it's a hard thing to deal with I still wrestle with those spots of the things that I've done. I know that that is what giving me, and, but you know, as a human you, you know, you've done some pretty bad things and those things are in your memory Bank. And so, you know from time to time I do with that. But just spending time today again, I just find it fascinating growing up a lot of times the same time you, and I were I was going to school Long Beach. You were going to school, and you were doing your things, and it was just the book. And I it's just a very fascinating look to where you went to and how you've come. And I appreciate you taking time today. Casey. Shot caller. Let's gang bangers miraculous escape from a life of violence to a new life in Christ. Thank you very much, man. Appreciate this. Thank you. Thank you so much for having me. At Chadbensonshow Twitter, C H ADP SO, and it is it is crazy, man. And to just read some of this stuff and what he what he did where he came from. And how he lived man. It was it's nuts. Chad Benson show. Now. Now, the three big things you.

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