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I get it. I get it anyways. Well we wanted to mention to this chad kroeger episode as a response to our killing time that we did a few weeks ago with about music and we talked about nickelback like its dad rock and we were saying they're laughing. All the way to the bank chide kroger's tipping two hundred dollars one hundred dollar check. No bullets listen also seems like a decent person seems he doesn't have to tip two hundred percent on his on his check but he did because he has it and it's got like a decent guy. I mean you hear all the time all these famous people that go out to eat and tips. Oh shitty i don't get it. I don't get it but we're not fucking baller yacht rich and we still sit. Twenty percent has any human. Should not stay home and eat on your barbecue or your microwave or your hot plate. Whatever you got whatever you got make those fucking hot dogs. Yes meet sleeves for everyone. All right well. I think are we doing. Why are we doing to wanna do other feisty. Hi jack belly and lex ition so the worst thing. I've ever done that. My dad had plastic car the absolutely faster he had had it since before i was even born it was passed down to him for my grandmother. all growing up. We were like not allowed to touch the car. Like don't read on the car. Don't anywhere near the car so years later. He was storing car in my garage. And this is when. I was in college and it was like a sorority house. Kind of like not really the it was. We thought it was a sorority house. We pretended it was already house. They're like eight living in this house. so i have been kind of edging on getting ready to hook up with this guy for like a week and we're all out in the garage. Having a little get together away car everybody laughs and he and i were last Ourselves and it was kind of one of those moments where a lock eyes and realized that it was.

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