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I mean i guess they didn't get the two point version they didn't even there. It on buckling. Right right into the dirt. I don't know a half there. No you know what it was. It was like it was a version of the the classic. Andy reid shovel pass it. Just look different Throw it overhand as opposed to shoveling it. Because they ran that the. I know. i've seen that this this summer. I don't know if that was in a game or if it was during one of the practice but they did run that. You're gonna see that this year. Were they run a version of the amy. Read shovel pass. But it's an overhand throw by the quarterback. I don't think we got the shovel pass enough underdog which is funny because it did we get it at all really. I mean like maybe a couple times. Maybe listeners pointed out they remember. i can't remember. It was always fun. When andy got around like the two yard line. And you you can. Shell pass and every news and they yeah. Kansas city. I think he does. They do a lot of stuff. Kansas city What's your next thing. 'cause i started off with her while i wanted to go back to the wide receivers and and this isn't necessarily from the practice itself But there's this idea that like the eagles need to trade for like a veteran wide receiver. And like i don't get it like they like we. We've mentioned Throughout the podcasts. Devante smith they have jalen or your. They have quiz watkins. Smith and and breaker about twenty two years old walking is twenty three obviously spent his rookie. Those other two guys her in their second year like i wanna see what they can do. If on the eagles lying the why would you bring in some if you're going to trade for like some star wide receiver who's going to be a part of your future for the next half decade or more than that's a different story but they're not going to do that because they're not going to trade away in some kind of major asset for some like great receiver you're adding essentially some kind of mediocre receiver. Who really is on the serve to you. Know i mean he might be better than one of those three guys during the during this particular season. But how does that serve. You like long term. And like if. I'm the eagles. I wanna see what i have in devante smith and jalen rigor and quiz watkins and let those guys play. Let them get snaps. Don't be a progress stopper and like. Let's let's see what they can do. And let's see if they can get better along the way as well too so It's just something that i i don't know if it's like i don't know if it's just kind of something that's grown out of nothing but when i do radio hits her tv hits or like folks or like chats or whatever. It is a question that i seem to get like repeatedly. Are they going to trade for veteran wide receiver. And i don't see any logic in it at all to me. If the eagles were all in to win the super bowl this year. I would disagree with you. Sheriff they get a wide receiver. Who can play. Don't discount on deal and reunite. These not looked good enough to bank on. I would say go get someone. But i think as we've reiterated time and time again. The eagles are not all in to win the super bowl this year. That doesn't that doesn't mean they're not trying to win and be competitive. That's not what that doesn't mean too many dull natives there. I'm not saying that they're not trying to win it. All that is no one is arguing that they're trying to lose the point. Though is the owner of the team. Jeffrey larry literally said we are going through quote like a real transition period and he likened it to specifically the two thousand sixteen season doug peterson carson wentz his first year. It's not an all in season. it's season about factfinding. They're trying to find out. Like what are the long term pieces we have on this team. And that's not something you usually do in a season. They're not trying to find information out as you are trying to win games like they're trying to win yes but that's not the only priority like it usually is another priority is finding out like who were the building blocks on this team and part of that is seeing what you have at wide receiver with again like a guys. You drafted you invested. You invested draft resources into these guys obviously within the case of durant smith in jewelry very high to and obviously as a late round guys like tower. We're we're we're both mean. They took two receivers in that draft with the hope that you know one of them would would turn out the actually. They took three receivers essentially in that draft sort of in the speed receivers in hightower quiz and they traded a pick for marcus goodwin. So they're hoping that like one of those three guys out and quiz might be the one that does so. Let's see what he can do. Don't immediately bring in a veteran receiver and takeaway snaps from any one of those three guys whether it's watkins smith or regular. Yeah that's the thing. Who are you taking away. Who do you want to lose snaps if you're trading for a veteran right fever like you don't want it to be devante smith. I don't think anyone is making the case for that. I can't see how you'd want it to be quiz. Given how he's shown that like earned the starting job it would be such a slap in the face for him to him to like not let him start after he's basically done everything he can within reason to earn a starting job and then reiter. Obviously i'm not like super thrilled about his outlook but at least let them play and see what he has and like. Evaluate him so yeah. I'm on the same page as you look. It's it's not again like you said it's not like you're trying to lose. You're not you're not trying to win but you do have to weigh. The i mean if the balance the short term in the long term and the long-term makes more far more sense to see what you have in.

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