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Well, we knew our sinement. Maybe a day before until then we knew nothing. Really? So we were totally mystified about what we were going to do. Well, I'm wondering if you had a sense of what the resistance would be not on your island per se, but on the beaches. Well, they tried to tell us about the kind of fortifications we were going to find, but nobody could give us detailed information. It didn't know what they were going to get into Marvin. Sussman was in our studio earlier this year, that full interview is, on my Facebook page. I'm WGN king. John, and it's also on the WGN radio station page but maybe the easiest way to find it. If you're on Facebook just to like me, WGN, King, John, and you'll find our full conversation with Marv Sussman. I, I know that after that interview he was planning on going to France, he did and Nella thinks he's there now. He was one of the contingent to veterans that are the went over there for the seventy fifth anniversary. I'm not sure if he's there in today or if he'll win exactly he'll be back, but we'll bring them back into the studio with his son and maybe do part two of that conversation he was delightful. And at the end of the interview, I sort of asked him. What advice does he have for America? Today. You know, we fully appreciate our freedom. And he said, something really surprised me that's at the end of that conversation. I, I don't think you will have seen it coming. If you listen to the full interview, I'm WGN king. John on Facebook. Thanks for all of your tax lot of you've called in texted to say, what a great job producer did in my absence. And how swell see Bertrand and John Hansen and Justin Kaufman and Pete McMurray. And everybody handled the joint, you know, that's one of the reasons you don't listen, if your radio guy when your way is because if it goes to well, well, then you're not very happy. And I just can't I can't stand it. I can't stand it if it goes, well, and I can't stand it, if it goes badly, I can't stand being away. There's one thing that they all have in common. Right. What's that? Well, maybe two things right Steve. Because mean you all the other guest host you mean what are you talking about? Not as good as John. Thank you. Now that's not where she's going both Stephen. I were here the whole time. So that's the through line that you have. Right. So there was some consistency. Absolutely. Yeah. No, I knew it was in good hands L, if that's for sure you'll always have us, John. But actually someone says something about a cupcake. Yeah, what's that all about? Tars my birthday, somebody texted, and said, you need to bring cupcakes to af-. And maybe I should send cupcakes over to the hospital to along with eighty thousand dollars. You happy birthday in advance of bring the cupcakes tomorrow. That's okay. You don't have to do that. Now I gotta bring cupcake. I think you do. Now she kind of she wants women. You know, half the time we say, we don't want things that we weren't really want it. Works thing we can't say that. But it does work both ways. This happens every Valentine's Day for a lot of guys whose wives with, like a box of chocolates, but don't want you to bring them a box of chocolates, and you're damned if you do. And you damned if you don't, by the way to six two said, John, my detached and torn retina was over fifty thousand dollars. Somebody else said, oh, you're going to be getting more doctors. I just wonder if not all in yet, John, there will be the ER claim the E R MD, the person who read your scans the facility charge for surgery, the surgeon, the anesthesiologist claims, you ain't done yet. Yeah I'm sure I'm not. John, I had it twice in the same. I it had stitches glue and nitrogen bubble and they froze, it I had to lay on my left side for eight hours. And then on my right side for eight hours for a month each time. You were very lucky so far. I am feeling very much. So it's one fifty three this WGN..

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