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From Seattle Tacoma international airport earlier this month the military responded with a multifaceted coordinated. Effort between two f fifteen eagle pilots but in the days following the incident it remains unclear why military officials and the f. fifteen pilots agreed not, to shoot down the aircraft, given, concerns, the pilot might deliberately crashed the turbo prop into a populated area air force. Captain Cameron Hillier a NORAD spokesman said quote we cannot speculate the various considerations and decision making processes that led to the decision to not. Shoot but Ken confirm. That they did not while the fighters are armed during intercept missions the f, fifteen has a wide range, of response options. Available depending on the circumstances they could shadow intercept escort or provide aid as, required and quote Hillier said officials at, NORAD The air force's. Air operation center, and officials at many levels including the office of the secretary of defense monitored. The situation as it, unfolded Hillier added, quote through it all there was a call not to take the shot and quote the spokesman added that an. After action report is in the works but will not be made public as, it is classified. Richard Russell a ground service, agent with horizon air stole the empty aircraft flying at south of Seattle just before crashing into on. Island in the Puget Sound Russell h twenty nine died in the crash to f. Fifteen seeds from the Oregon Air National Guard's one hundred forty second fighter wing launched in response to the stolen bombarded by q four hundred turboprop aircraft, which belonged to Alaska Airlines I'm glad we have these fighters to protect us I suspected no shoot decision had something to do with the fact that Russell was talking with aircraft controllers during the flight anyway good job air force Sailors who don't want, to see their careers derailed by missed dental appointment better. Keep those teeth, cleanings on their radars individuals sailors are responsible for maintaining their own deployability, which, means staying on top, of, medical and dental checkups as. Well as legal or administrative problems on. Their records if they, don't it could end up wreaking havoc on future, fitness reports according to navy secretary, Richard Spencer Spencer said quote that's no longer my responsibility that is your responsibility as a sailor and by the way I'm going, to judge you on that. End quote the navy made meeting deployment criteria the, responsibility, of every sailor in. A service wide administrative message released last fall so. Far it hasn't affected valuations or fit wraps but that could change soon a spokesman for the chief of naval personnel said quote. You can't expect additional Policy announcements on this in the future poor marks for failing, to, meet deployability requirements would, affect, one's career just as low. Ratings for bad performance would this makes. Great sense to me our military should be about combat readiness now the, big test is if they really, mean this will this also hurt the promotions of pregnant women who aren't deployable and transgenders who are recovering from their government paid, sex change operations these are. Included that are navy really is.

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