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How to stop a running toilet can you patch a small hole in dry well I can but it's not all a good thing can you replace a washer on a leaky faucet those types of things without consulting the internet Hey and if so how did you learn did you learn from your parents did you learn it from at you know just from owning a home and so you went to a neighbor or something or did you get on the internet and have to learn how to do it eight six six four zero eight seven six six nine the older you are the more likely you are to be able to do this but U. S. homeowner spent an average of ten thousand dollars on repairs in twenty eighteen ten thousand dollars no I learned a lot of this stuff because I'm the oldest and the only girl and my father really really really wanna voice so I grew up in the so stereotypical tomboy I I had Scott cars I had matchbox cars my father every Christmas I would get something for Christmas that my father wanted so I had to train track and you put the drops in and it would make smoke and I had a race car track list so because my dad really well I had trucks I have dolls I had all that stuff because my dad really wanted a boy so so I learned how to do that stuff and my father made each one of us when we got cars and we we we started driving you had to know how to change tire before my father let you take the car you we had to know he said I had to learn how to change the oil with him no I never did it on my own nor was I going to I would just like pay one of my brothers or something but I didn't have to do that but he made sure I knew how to do it and he made sure that we could read a manual to figure out how to do something if god forbid we were by ourselves and something broke and it did happen it happened when I was in college I had a you know the I had an old car so had the role down windows were and I'm rolling the window down and all the.

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