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Country, including Taku in Denver and Boston. So anybody's interested. From a if you're a wanna learn more about the rehab therapy industry, we again on our web dot com website. We have all kinds of blogs, and webinars that you can learn more about us, and the industry has a whole, and then me personally, I'm on Lincoln, so Heidi. Janetta. J. N. N E NGA. I'm I'm happy to, to connect with you via via Lincoln. Loop. You'll story of how you've transformed the world of physiotherapy with with technology, having experienced firsthand. And I think it's an inspiring textile, ab- story, but I think the end of every episode, I always say that technology works best when he brings people together, but you've used technology to empower patients, an ultimately help paper got so beautiful thing. So a big thank you for taking the time to come on and chat with me today. Thanks already appreciate the opportunity. One of my easing, June and indeed story about a woman in tech achieving highly deserve success. These are the stories I don't want to hear more of an celebrate on this type podcast. I cannot thank God, you know, first of all, of course, for forgiving me for leaving her presentation. And also, of course, for taking the time to chat with me today, and I'll go to fade in the holidays. Textile top story would have resonated with so many of you listening, whether you're in the textile tubes eight all out of it. But I want you to share what you found valuable from today's conversation and maybe even shea your personal story with the listeners hit two and that's nice and easy for you to do a platform. So we can all get avoid said, and you can Email me tech blog writer outlook dot com. Tweet me at nail Nailsea Hughes. Oh, coast. Visit my website tech blow grata dot co dot UK. And finally, before I go a big, thank you for all your well wishes, by the way, I'm feeling much an hour after my skin on the plane home the other day. Now I do have a routine visit with my doctors next week about I'm sure everything is going to be falling. You're not going to get rid of me that easily. Okay. So a big thank you for listening until next time. Don't be a stranger. Thanks for listening to the tank global rice appalled cost until next time. Remember technology is best when it brings people together.

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