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Overwhelming support in the state house today for criminal Justice reform Bill. I'm Beth Myers. The end the NewsRadio one thousand K T. Okay. New center by vote of seventy eight to fourteen state house today, passed the Bill that make state question. Seven eighty the criminal reform state question that was passed by voters in two thousand sixteen retroactive house majority floor leader, John Eccles says the Bill has undergone a lot of changes since it was introduced in addition to seven eighty retro-activity get ads insp- expunge language which not only would allow people who were convicted of crimes that are now misdemeanors out of our jails, thus lowering our incarceration rate would also give them an easier path for expunge moment, giving them more opportunities to get out of the job force and go back to work. Democratic Representative Jason Donnington of Oklahoma City is a co author of the Bill, which goes to the Senate on Friday. And then if passed it will go to the governor for consideration house. Democratic leader Emily virgin says the twenty twenty budget proposal announced yesterday. By the governor and legislative leaders is one of budget. Looks like she says, when you decide taxpayer money is better suited to sit in a Bank than be invested back into state resources. She says state agencies were brutally impacted by Republican cuts over the past decade and budget fails to make those agencies including the State Department of education, whole Devon energy says it is working as quickly and safely, as possible to secure the exterior of the Devon tower in downtown Oklahoma City after yesterday's incident that involved a swinging platform. It says work is underway to identify and secure glass, and metal that could fall from the tower and they believe that it's not safe yet to open Robinson, and Sheridan streets, and the nearby Mary gardens and the Oklahoma City. Police department is warnings of some unusual auto burglaries. It appears the suspects watch for somebody to walk out of a Bank carrying a business Bank bag or an envelope containing. Cash, and then they follow to the victim to see if the victim will park and leave the cash in their vehicle, and then they break into the car and steal the cash police believe that it's the work of several people working as a group, they say always be aware of your surroundings and don't leave valuables or large sums of cash in your vehicle. A former pogo city councillor is going to prison and Katie okays. Michael board tells us why it's nearly thirteen years in federal prison for former PO city councilman. Joe white on drug charges. He was arrested in January of two thousand eighteen in California, while he was still serving on the city council. He and the alleged accomplice Twenty-seven-year-old Lisa FOX of Foto pled guilty to conspiracy that involved selling methamphetamines FOX sentenced to seventy months in federal prison. New report from the EPA's office of the inspector general says former EPA administrator and former Oklahoma attorney general Scott Pruitt and his staff spent nearly one hundred twenty four thousand dollars on unnecessary..

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