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Screening these people that are coming in and out of foxconn is even more stringent than what the tsa does how yeah you could imagine that actually totally right yeah so trail secrets are big deal i mean we're started out with with uber like stalled trade secrets from am goals wire yell way model driving cars stuff like this a big like that huge you corporate espionage that's no joke that he no doubt any no job i know joe so anyways that keeping secrets keeping apple confidential or whatever the name of that seminar was skit that's is love how was leaked it was the seminar was leaked i i smell a new skin for apple bite apple 'confidential manner movie called something governor la la cali on hedge you're ham radio deal garrity now apple confidential apple confidential who's the leaker it wasn't me it was at an abbey takes you like tweet better not be tapes my coversation tim cooke tweets that out it's it's a done deal all right let's talk about i'm acts there's a lot of buzz around the max i you know they they recently have started rolling out another available after um the keynote much like the ipad pros came out like a week later on in the cramped sorry comes listener called me on and i see auto plays what messes up it's not the people that are complaining about like what's going on with the show auto plays a pain in the but other ways to form of leaking stuff where i want us you know cars on bad example you're all actually not an accurate example by try we're we're on the cuff guys come on so the i'm eric po'd this is really cool we know that big bad boy that starting at like five thousand dollars according to specs that were released by pikes universum a blog that also actually leaked out the earlier specs of the new amac 27 inch based on what they believe the amac pro right up to an eighteen core until the on prosser we know that top of the line radio on pro vega graphics and up to four terabytes of store s as these storage hub to one or two twenty gigs of ecec ram they said that this actual processor is most likely not going to be powered by you know the latest.

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