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Line of all this is perhaps I was much too cavalier I know comments to come off like I was taking the African American vote for granted but nothing could be further from the truth senator Tim Scott the only black Republican in the Senate called Biden's comments air again and condescending Joe Biden initially said that any African American voter and not supporting him for president wasn't really black they call it nineteen pandemic is literally giving some people nightmares with a very common theme comic Stephen Colbert joked I dream that I had to do my show but I had to do it someplace where no one could find me but dreams are no joke to Harvard psychologist Deirdre Barrett who has collected more than six thousand pandemic ones for analysis the single take away right now the survey is that the world stranger more anxious she's hearing lots of dreams involving bugs crawling wiggling and flying toward the dreamer I heart rate because we use that word bug and slang I've got a bug means I've got a virus still she thinks most of us are coping okay with the current crisis people are having for the most part very healthy normal reactions Steve Futterman CBS news SpaceX crew dragon capsule and falcon nine rocket set for a Wednesday launch from Kennedy Space Center down in Florida at a briefing yesterday NASA and SpaceX administrators talked a lot about preparations for the launch Benji Reid is a SpaceX director of crewed mission management he says the team is watching very closely over conditions from the launch site in Florida up to the northern Atlantic record looking at ways were looking at wave velocity and wave height because we need to make sure that if the crew had to come down I'm in a lunch escape scenario that they would come down to see state that would keep them safe meanwhile NASA and SpaceX officials are urging the public to stay home because of the corona virus pandemic usually crowds would gather on beaches and surrounding areas to watch the official launch did you know that today the world turtle day they're such a holiday CBS's Wendy Gillette says the corona virus pandemic has altered pretty much everything including studies of baby turtles you can hear the delight of the crowd watched a baby sea turtle crawl into the ocean off of bald head island in North Carolina last year this year turtle nest excavations will be a less public affair thanks to the coronavirus social distancing will keep the human participants.

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