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You know so did this isn't particularly for me but man it looks like a solid brought sleet we know that people using their phones while driving is a very real problem and we know that that people texting while driving is a very real problem and carplay does a lot to address that it does i definitely agree with you but this is just a i psychology thing i i spend all day to apple insider staring at the screen you are unique it up your if agreed on in this one i might add and having that natve screen with apple maps is really gorgeous to having that full screen and you don't necessarily have to look over at it but having the the turn by turn showing there so you know that your left turn coming up and five hundred meters is is there that's huge i i really do like the idea of the three or nine and you know pioneer released some singled in units early in the year pioneers got some some updated units coming but alpine it continues to to do good things now we're gonna end up trying to review that alpine unit were also going to review the core things that pioneers showing and we we we do this because first of all i like carplay second of all i do these radio installs and snap but i i really like bringing them to you because i think having carplay in the car is something ephraim should have if you have in iowa device if you use niwas device i have a hard time saying anything other than yes you should have carplay.

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