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Many doctors would like to see a covid 19 vaccination mandate. Cuomo's Nick Pop, um has more. We're still in a very serious situation, according to Dr Nathan Schlicher with the State Medical Association. We need all the help you can. To stop this and just wait now and one thing he and other doctors are supporting, along with businesses mandating their employees to get vaccinated for Covid 19. Is having schools mandate vaccines for eligible students. We saw the governor We saw health care is not pretty much every health system in the state. We've seen large employers come out and say the date is there It was there before final approval, and they're doing their mandates. While speaking with CNN's Jake Tapper on state of the Union Sunday, Dr Anthony Fauci says it's now become a controversial topic. But it's important. I believe that mandating vaccines for Children to appear in school. Is a good idea. The reasoning aside from its safety is that vaccine mandates have been something students have dealt with. For years. Five states, Iowa, South Carolina, Utah, Oklahoma and Tennessee have banned public schools from acquiring students to be masked. Not the U. S Department of Education has opened a civil rights investigation in those states. Laura Meckler is covering it for the Washington Post. She spoke with co most Taylor van size. What is the Education Department alleging and hoping to learn from these investigations? Well, they're alleging that the states are essentially violating the civil rights of students with disabilities. Now students of disabilities have a right under federal law. To have an access to a free and appropriate education. And what they're saying is essentially that if you don't let a district require masks, you're putting those kids at risk. That's the allegation and they're investigating whether these states are in fact guilty of that. You included a couple of reactions in your report from some of the state superintendent of public education. And as I recall, they were kind of resigned to their fate, saying, Yeah, that this is a valid investigation. Well, it was interesting. Actually, there were in a couple of states. The head of the Education Department was like, Yeah, we agree with you. And I was like, um, I'm assuming this person is not appointed by the governor because the governor's the one supporting these up fans on mask mandates, And in fact, in those cases, the education commissioner was independently elected. So you really this has become quite a partisan issue with Republican governors. Essentially making this an issue of freedom. Parents should be able to decide whether kids wear masks or not, and other people saying no, it's really a matter of public health that masking is the best way to prevent the aside from vaccination, the spread of the virus. Of course, you know, kids under 12 don't have access to the vaccine vaccine. Yet when it comes down to it, What could the possible consequences be for these states? If the Education Department finds that, yes, students with disabilities have been unfairly treated and you've been infringed on their civil rights. Well, potentially, they could lose federal funding. I mean, that's the hammer that the federal government has is that the federal government provides all sorts of federal funding to states and That for education and obviously for many other things, and they could say we're pulling your funding because you're in violation of federal law. Now, in reality does that happen? Probably not. But it could. And what usually happens is these investigations if they find out that There is merit to them as they lead to some sort of policy change. They started to use it as a lever to force districts or in this case, state would do what they want. So we'll have to see whether whether this is a strong enough lever to change the minds of some, Um political figures who are pretty dug into their positions on these five states aren't the only areas trying to ban mask requirements? Check out Laura's piece online at Washington post dot com to find out why places like Florida and Texas aren't under similar investigations. Laura Meckler, Education reporter for The Washington Post, Thanks for joining us today, and that's Cuomo's Taylor van size Louis County will pay $2700 because the former county commissioner refused to comply with the state's mask mandate. We get details from Cuomo's Eric Hates. State Ellen I found Bobby Jackson knew of the requirement was aware of his reasonable accommodations and still chose to attend in person meetings without a face covering the Chronicle reports, Jackson was given the option of working remotely or wearing an alternative face covering after he cited a medical condition. After weeks of declining those accommodations, Jackson ultimately began wearing a face shield. Last summer, he vocally opposed Governor Inslee's mask mandates. He lost his reelection campaign in the 2020 election. Eric Heights Common News Hanford Nuclear Reservation workers who do not provide proof of Covid 19 vaccination will be required to be tested at least weekly. To be allowed on site. Here's Cuomo's Frank Lindsay. The policy announced this week will cover about 11,000 Department of Energy contractor and subcontractors, according to the Tri City Herald. Also, under the new policy, visitors with business at Hanford must provide proof of vaccination or proof of a negative covid test Within three days of entering the building. In July, President Biden announced that all workers for the federal government and its contractors must be vaccinated. Or tested 1 to 2 times a week. Firefighters across the state have until October, 18th to be fully immunized against covid 19 or submit of medical or religious exemption. But in some departments, including Pasco firefighters who don't want the vaccine are talking about leaving the department. Pasco Firefighters were first given the opportunity to get the vaccine back in December. Deputy Fire chief Patrick Reed says the majority jumped on. But up to 25% of the department remains unvaccinated, with some talking about leaving if they're forced to have it, dealing with the potential of somebody leaving an organisation for, um beyond retirement. It's very difficult to deal with retails keeper AT T V in the Tri city. She is concerned if they lose. Firefighters response times will increase on 911 calls. Charges in Pierce County have also been pushing back on the vaccine mandate. Central Piers Fire and Rescue Chief Daniel Olsson set up to 70 people in his station have not gotten the vaccine and to come. This fire chief telling the news Tribune. He's heard 30 to 50. Firefighters would be willing to walk off the job instead of get the vaccine. Charlene Johnson Common news. The Washington state fairs taking some added precautions this year due to Covid more from Cuomo's Jeff Padula. The fair was canceled last year. But this year the show goes on. However, there will be some changes reduced the number of boost to create increased space in the commercial buildings..

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