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Lee's teamleading twenty night overall team best ninth on the power play bars l bailey the assists and the islanders were suddenly within one the power play continued and it sixteen thirty nine they got even daily now right of ago rebel takes the by the cake five hours we were there get stagnated in this game china and you all that had 16 thirty nine of the third lety his night from to bears an arab early but they warn at a powerplay goals just yet backup point five john thanks the lead would new getting a it came with one forty nine to go in regulation the outer stake their first lead of the night six the five at the eighteen eleven mark bailey's fourteenth of the year from two bears and bars l and the outer score four powerplay goals and a span of three minutes thirty seven seconds but the redwings would pulled peterman razzaq and with twenty nine seconds to go in the third at 1931 might green notched to six from xenobiotic and larkin islanders challenged on goal tender interference against justin abdel kader it was disallowed and we had ourselves as six six game after sixty minutes of action so to over time we go the red wings clearly had too many men on the ice when trevor daily got to the bench mike green came on before he got to the bench played the park it was not called but the islanders show look it off and moments later brought this game to its conclusion tori the limbs so james gunn are made it really was for brock nielsen's third of the night fourteenth of the season second.

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