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I've never been like all right. There's definitely taper something. That's a good that's a good way of putting it right. The maximum that tomorrow there is a tape. I wouldn't be like dying of surprises like wow okay. It wouldn't be right. It wouldn't be like if there was an elizabeth warren tape. I i liked that. I would be dying surprise yeah i would. I would literally dive surprise for days right yeah and i don't it. Just there's so much what is is our politics that this is what we have to disc- yeah right whereas this country gun anyway opening arguments is brought to you by blue apron folks. I use blue apron every single week lydia and i do it is my favorite. I love it for so many reasons. I can tell you that without blue apron we would be eating so much worse than going out and spending winding way more money because it's just so hard with kids but we love blue apron so much that even when arlo was born and we had a newborn and a toddler what what we would do is kind of switch off so someone would watch both the kids and the other person would cook blue apron and we love it so much that we we made sure to keep doing it even though the kids were were yelling at us but it was that good and it was that worth it to us to be able to eat delicious different fresh meals every single week. I'll tell you this. I've also learned so many any new cooking techniques from blue apron. They helped me discover my inner chef and i it turns out. I kinda liked cooking up. Blue apron exposed me to who delicious recipes that i never would have thought to dry every week. There's a new ingredient that i i. I'm not familiar with every time it's good and i love it because left left to my own devices. I'm just personally. I'm not that creative..

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