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That's the only big one at the. ACLU. Called in a minute ago who wondered about it? I mean there's nothing to wonder notre. Dame is the gold standard and college football and I think John offered made a very shrewd mu I'm not surprised. I mean he's been a great commissioner for twenty years. Right and the other part of this fall to my take at least is that It'd be a shame not to have the old fashioned Hey Georgia tech and Georgia and the other three robbery games at the end of the year. But the other thing is here if in fact you know the situation is the non conference game. With Notre Dame at this point Notre Dame schedule go to navy like you mentioned the only possible pick would be Arkansas. So if the SEC chickens out and doesn't play the Rivalry Games okay. I'm I'm sticking to see. By the way I. Think you're right Lucas Arkansas Arkansas's right too. Yeah. I pay ten you hear me you see what I'm saying yeah, and there's a lot of speculation in I. The SEC is looking at three models they're looking at conference only in menopause one I don't know why they wouldn't go to a pause one just from the optical part of it because it is going to look like they're they're trying to avoid those games. And the other thing I mean I don't know Notre Dame and then they've been pretty close. You know the history low. Mo might they convince Navy to move the game to South Bend they would have to do. There's no, there's there's no question I'm sure Navy could figure that I mean the game was supposed to be in Dublin So I would think the Naval Academy would do whatever they had to do to keep that game on the board. Yeah. But those European people won't even let Americans into their countries if you. Hey Kevin there. A couple of states I can't get it right now. So forget forget Europe. Well I am worried about one more thing. No Man I mean since you're he's and am I gonNa meet the demonte possessed and have to go get an exorcism by talking to you. I mean please tell me you're not that big of either around well I can't say that but I I am scheduling a an early October visit to Georgetown. University if that gives you include. Is, part of that was St. Louis Oh. Okay. Yeah. I remember the whole thing. No pea-soup. You don't do that right now anymore. Hey. Thanks Kevin. Great W ENJOY IT WE ARE officially out of time for this program we appreciate all of you for being a part of it some really interesting guests today will See.

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