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Sports flash. All right, J K, not every all star weekend is created equally at least not through the eyes of Steph curry he grew up in the Charlotte area while his dad del played for the Hornets. And then staff grew to national acclaim as the star for underdog Davidson college the warriors guard says it's been an overwhelming experience and see arrived in town on Thursday morning. But he's trying to soak in as much of it as possible gotta be like, the energizer, buddy. Fight this Petillo can just have as many experiences. I can see familiar faces familiar sights. I've played countless games this building growing up high school AU type stuff. So it's pretty pretty awesome back in represented, Charlotte. The the way now. Things didn't go as expected for Stephanie three point contest last night falling to Brooklyn Joe Harrison, the final round elsewhere Brooklyn's or Boston Jason Tatum the skills challenge and thunder rookie Amadou Diallo capture the slam dunk title college basketball now when history was made less than that endure as RJ Barrett finished with twenty three points, eleven rebounds. And Tennessee says the second ranked the blue devils knocked off NC state ninety four to seventy eight there became the fourth Duke player with a triple double. And they first and Sheldon Williams in January of two thousand six elsewhere Kentucky dominated number one, Tennessee, eighty six to sixty nine handing the volunteers there. I lost since November and number three Gonzaga. They won their sixteenth straight game knocking off San Diego. Seventy nine to sixty seven NFL news one day after Colin Kaepernick ended his collusion grievance against the NFL the quarterbacks lawyer Marghera goes told CNN that he absolutely wants to play in. In the league. And even suggested that the Panthers and patriots are as possible landing spots for the former forty Niners quarterback and former raiders GM. Reggie mckenzie. Is joining the dolphins as a senior personnel executive golf. Justin Thomas, hold a one-stroke lead at during Sunday at the Genesis open and the great American race kicks off nascar's twenty nine thousand nine season this afternoon from Daytona with William Byron leading the field to the green flag defending champion. Austin Dillon's starts twentieth. I'm Anthony p no..

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