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It's twenty eight degrees. Partly sunny in Boston at two o'clock. I'm Garowe who Gopi and here's what's happening. President Trump is tweeting that he's at the White House waiting for Democrats to get back to Washington and health end the shutdown while ending what he calls the horrible humanitarian crisis at the border congress adjourned yesterday. Lawmakers are expected back on Capitol Hill next week more. Now from CBS is Kenneth Craig President Trump has walked back his vow to declare a national emergency. If he has to in order to get his wall with most lawmakers at home for the weekend between the White House and congressional Democrats have fallen apart with no new talks or plans. Incite the president met with democratic and Republican leaders at the White House this past week, but he abruptly ended the meeting soon after it began calling it a total waste of time. After house speaker Nancy Pelosi, again, refused to give in to the request for billions of dollars in border wall funding. Well, here's what President Trump is telling the eight hundred thousand federal employees who've now missed their first payday because of the government shutdown. Appreciate. Their service to the country. They're credible. Keep federal employees that we're talking about many of them agree with what I'm saying. And what the people in this room experts are saying they don't wanna see people killed because we can't do a simple border structure federal workers rallied with Senator Ed Markey. In Boston calling on the president to drop his demand for border wall funding and end the shutdown. Keep it tuned to WBZ Boston's NewsRadio for the latest catch us to on the free iheartradio app or on your echo device by saying Alexa, play WBZ NewsRadio on iheart radio. Well, they weren't supposed to get paid yesterday because of the government shutdown, but they did. Anyway, the Washington Post reports some federal workers in the interior department. Got paychecks by mistake, roughly, forty employees at the chemical safety and hazard investigation board repaid because of a clerical error. And after it was discovered the workers got an urgent Email instructing them not to spend the money saying, quote, please don't access the funds. We're working to determine how to remedy the situation. And it is best. If you don't access the funds on quote. President Trump is responding to a published report that says law enforcement officials were so concerned about his behavior in the days after he fired FBI director James Comey that they started investigating whether he'd been working for Russia against the US. New York Times report cites unnamed former law enforcement officials and others familiar with the investigation who say counterintelligence investigators evaluated whether the president himself was potential threat to national security, whether he was deliberately working for Russia or had unintentionally been influenced by Moscow in a Saturday morning tweet. President Trump says the report shows FBI leadership opened up an investigation on him for no reason and with no proof after he had fired James Comey FBI director, Ben Thomas, Washington. She hasn't been there since stumping for Hillary Clinton in two thousand sixteen Senator Elizabeth Warren is in New Hampshire today. We'll tell you why in a few minutes on WBZ..

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